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Victoria Cross


  1. What's the two English word inscription on the bronze cross?
  2. The Victoria Cross was introduced by Queen Victoria to honour acts of courage in which war?
  3. According to legend, the first Victoria Crosses were cast from bronze sourced from what?
  4. What colour is the VC ribbon: crimson, purple or blue?

  5. The greatest number of VCs won were during which single action?
  6. Two Victoria Crosses were won during the Falklands War. Can you name either of the recipients?
  7. What does adding a bar to the VC mean?
  8. What is the United States military's equivalent to the Victoria Cross?
  9. In the first ever awards ceremony, where in London did Queen Victoria on horseback distribute the crosses?
  10. Lieutenant-General Sir Philip Neame is the only man to have received both the VC and what else?


  1. For Valour
  2. Crimean War
  3. Russian cannons captured during the Crimean War
  4. Crimson
  5. Rorke's Drift (22-23 January 1879, during the Zulu War)
  6. Lt Col 'H' Jones and Sergeant Ian McKay
  7. The same person has been awarded a second Victoria Cross
  8. The Medal of Honor
  9. Hyde Park, London
  10. An olympic gold medal