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Vowels Quiz

All the questions in this quiz require a one word answer that contains all five vowels!


  1. Having a lower or less important position.
  2. Any of the various ways in which a set of things can be ordered.
  3. Not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to collapse or fall.
  4. To make someone less willing to do something.
  5. To express great pleasure or happiness, especially at someone else's defeat or failure.
  6. An exaggerated feeling of happiness.
  7. A genus of redwood coniferous trees.

  8. Following as a result or effect.
  9. Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour.
  10. A law or rule meant to control conduct.
  11. Minerals or rocks containing gold.
  12. The process or action of proving something to be true or genuine.
  13. A minor wrongdoing.
  14. Of or relating to the nervous system.
  15. Consisting of members or elements of different kinds.
  16. Relating to a speed greater than the speed of sound in a given medium, especially air.
  17. At the same time.
  18. The act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later.
  19. Moving skilfully or carefully.
  20. The act of appointing a person or persons to represent or act for another or others.
  21. In a deliberately ambiguous or questionable way.
  22. In a morally bad way.
  23. Pertaining to development; developmental.
  24. Places where weapons and other military equipment are stored.
  25. A situation in which there is a lot of confusionand noise because people are excited, angry, or frightened.


  1. Subordinate
  2. Permutation
  3. Precarious
  4. Discourage
  5. Exultation
  6. Euphoria
  7. Sequoia
  8. Consequential
  9. Facetious
  10. Regulation
  11. Auriferous
  12. Authentication
  13. Misdemeanour
  14. Neurological
  15. Miscellaneous
  16. Supersonically
  17. Simultaneously
  18. Warehousing
  19. Manoeuvring
  20. Deputation

  21. Equivocally
  22. Nefariously
  23. Evolutionary
  24. Armouries
  25. Pandemonium