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Wales History Quiz

Questions - Welsh History

  1. Which future English king was born at Caernarfon in 1284?
  2. In 1804 the world's first ever railway journey took place when Richard Trevithick's steam locomotive run from an ironworks in which Welsh town?
  3. Opened in 1837, the first major docks in South Wales was named after which MP for Glamorganshire? Only the last name needed.
  4. On 25 September 1924, Malcolm Campbell set a world land speed record of 146 mph on which Carmarthen beach?
  5. What was the last name of the father and son who composed the Welsh National anthem in 1856?

  6. The first official National Eisteddfod was held in which Valley's town in 1861?
  7. Which movement for political reform was involved in the Newport Rising in 1839, which was the last large-scale armed protest in Great Britain?
  8. Which riots in south and west Wales happened in the 1840s, as local agricultural workers launched a series of attacks on tollhouses and other symbols of economic oppression?
  9. Which warlike tribe occupying what is now south east Wales, fiercely resisted Roman conquest?
  10. With claims to be the "ancient capital of Wales" where was the seat of Owain Glyndwr's Welsh Parliament in 1404?
  11. Plaid Cymru gained its first seat in the UK Parliament in which decade?
  12. Which Rhondda Valley's town saw confrontations between the mining community and police and soldiers sent from England in November, 1910?
  13. In 1913 a huge explosion at the Universal Colliery in which town claimed the lives of 439 men and boys?
  14. On the 8 May, 1648, which battle took place near Cardiff between Parliamentarians and Royalists?
  15. In which Welsh town was a statue of David Lloyd George erected in 1921? David Lloyd George was the Member of Parliament for the area from 1890 to 1945.
  16. Often referred to as the "last invasion of mainland Britain", near which Welsh town was there an invasion by Revolutionary France in 1797?
  17. Welsh archers played a key role in the victory of King Henry V of England over a much larger French army at which 1415 battle?
  18. Which abbey was the first Cistercian monastery in Wales?
  19. Which large linear earthwork was built along the Wales–England border to mark the boundary between the Welsh kingdom of Powys and Mercia?
  20. By 1780 there were three copper works on the east bank of which Welsh river?
  21. In 1865, 153 Welsh settlers establish a colony in which region of Argentina?
  22. The world’s first million-pound deal was struck in which historic Cardiff building?
  23. Who became MP for Merthyr Tydfil in 1900, at that time one of only two Labour MPs in parliament?
  24. In 1550 Robert Recorde of Tenby invented which mathematical sign?
  25. In which century did St David establish a monastery near the present city that bears his name?

Answers - Welsh History

  1. Edward II
  2. Merthyr Tydfil (the new tramroad ran from Penydarren Ironworks to the canal wharf at Abercynon)
  3. Talbot (Port Talbot, named after Christopher Talbot)
  4. Pendine Sands
  5. James (by Evan and James James of Pontypridd)
  6. Aberdare
  7. Chartism
  8. The Rebecca Riots
  9. The Silures
  10. Machynlleth
  11. 1960s (Gwynfor Evans won the Carmarthen bi-election 1966)
  12. Tonypandy
  13. Senghenydd (it is the worst mining disaster in the history of the UK coalfields)
  14. The Battle of St. Fagans
  15. Caernarfon
  16. Fishguard
  17. Battle of Agincourt
  18. Tintern Abbey
  19. Offa's Dyke
  20. River Tawe
  21. Patagonia
  22. Cardiff Coal Exchange
  23. Keir Hardie
  24. The equals sign
  25. 6th century (550)