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Wednesday Quiz: Netflix TV Series

Quiz Questions

  1. Which actress stars as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix horror comedy series?
  2. Wednesday Addams was expelled from her school after dumping what into the school's pool?
  3. Can you name both her parents?
  4. For causing mischief at several other schools, which schoool is Wednesday sent to?

  5. Which famous actress starred as Wednesday's mother?
  6. In the first ever episode, who did Wednesday find tied up in a locker?
  7. What is Wednesday allergic to?
  8. Name the disembodied hand and relative of Wednesday who watches over her?
  9. Four out of the eight episodes of the first season were directed by which filmmaker known for pioneering goth culture in the industry?
  10. Can you name Wednesday's paternal uncle?
  11. Student Xavier Thorpe has the ability to do what with his art and drawings?
  12. Wednesday's roommate and best friend, Enid Sinclair, is actually a what?
  13. What is the name of the Addams family's butler?
  14. What musical instrument does Wednesday play?
  15. An architectural ornament is also the name of which cafe and bakery in Jericho?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jenna Ortega
  2. Piranhas
  3. Gomez and Morticia
  4. Nevermore Academy
  5. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  6. Her brother Pugsley
  7. She's allergic to colour
  8. Thing
  9. Tim Burton
  10. Uncle Fester
  11. Ability to bring his art to life
  12. Werewolf
  13. Lurch
  14. Cello
  15. The Weathervane