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Something for the weekend? Welcome to our Weekend Quiz!

Trivia Quiz Questions

  1. "Weekends" is the first single taken from which American group's second studio album, Bridging the Gap?

  2. Complete the phrase: "As boring as a wet weekend in ..."?
  3. Which 1945 American film about an alcoholic writer, starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman, won four Academy Awards?
  4. "Something for the weekend, sir?" was originally a euphemism asked by British barbers when offering what product to their customers?
  5. True or False. In Iran, the workweek is from Saturday to Thursday in nearly all government and public offices, and the weekend is Friday?
  6. Tiswas was a children's TV series aired on Saturday mornings from 1974 to 1982, what does the acronym TISWAS stand for?
  7. The author of the The Bourne Trilogy series also wrote The Osterman Weekend; can you name him?
  8. In 1995, which great British sporting event changed its day from the first Wednesday in June to the first Saturday?
  9. Best known for his 2015 hit "House Every Weekend", which topped the UK Singles Chart, can you name the British DJ that was named after David Bowie?
  10. Which carnival, the biggest street carnival in Europe, is held in London over August bank holiday weekend?
  11. London's Burning was a British television drama program, produced by which company for the ITV network?
  12. Name the weekend residence near Mill Run, Pennsylvania, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family in 1935?
  13. In a Nottingham factory, Arthur Seaton works in a mindless haze, but his weekends are even more muddled due to his love affairs and his alcohol problem. Name the iconic film?
  14. Complete The Mail on Sunday's iconic advertising slogan: "A newspaper, not a ...."?
  15. In which year did the Sunday Trading Act gave shops in England and Wales the right to trade on a Sunday?


  1. Black Eyed Peas
  2. Wigan
  3. The Lost Weekend
  4. Condoms
  5. True

  6. Today Is Saturday Watch And Smile
  7. Robert Ludlum
  8. The Derby
  9. David Zowie
  10. Notting Hill Carnival
  11. London Weekend Television
  12. Fallingwater
  13. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  14. Snoozepaper
  15. 1994

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