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Welcome to our West Quiz

20 Questions and Answers about the West


  1. American actor Adam West is best remembered for portraying which character?
  2. Which weapon is known as the gun that won the west?
  3. What is the largest city on the west coast of Australia?
  4. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, can you name the largest passenger ship in the world from 1837 to 1839?
  5. Can you name the two rival gangs in West Side Story?
  6. Complete the Mae West quote: "too much of a good thing is ...."?

  7. Which American worldwide financial services company, headquartered in Denver, was the leading American company in the business of transmitting telegrams?
  8. Westphalia is a region of which country?
  9. The Military Academy, West Point, is in which U.S. state?
  10. Name the most famous novel of Erich Remarque?
  11. Key West is an island city in which U.S. state?
  12. West End Girls was the debut hit for which 80s pop duo?
  13. Who wrote the line 'East is East and West is West'?
  14. Which fictional character had a house in West Egg?
  15. The West Riding is one of the three historic subdivisions of which county?
  16. Which country was known as Portuguese West Africa from 1905 to 1975?
  17. Which Hollywood legend narrated the 1962 American epic Western film How the West Was Won?
  18. Which four counties make up the West Country?
  19. What's the better known name of the Western Isles, an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland?
  20. Name the capital and largest city of West Virgina?
  21. Which 1973 American science-fiction Western film starring Yul Brynner was written and directed by Michael Crichton?
  22. Vivienne Westwood first came to public notice when she made clothes for whose boutique in the King's Road? (The owner of this boutique was also promoter and manager of the Sex Pistols.)


  1. Batman
  2. Winchester rifle
  3. Perth
  4. SS Great Western
  5. The Sharks and the Jets
  6. Wonderful
  7. Western Union
  8. Germany
  9. New York
  10. All Quiet on the Western Front
  11. Florida
  12. Pet Shop Boys
  13. Rudyard Kipling
  14. Jay Gatsby
  15. Yorkshire
  16. Angola
  17. Spencer Tracy

  18. Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset
  19. Outer Hebrides
  20. Charleston
  21. Westworld
  22. Malcolm McLaren