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Trivia About Whales

Whales Quiz

  1. Which is the largest whale species?
  2. Killer whales are well known by what alternative name?
  3. Which whale is the species most noted for its "song"?
  4. Which whales with the biggest brain of any animal species are named after the waxy substance found on their heads?

  5. Which medium-sized whale possesses a large "tusk"?
  6. Which species of whale is also known as the white whale?
  7. The blue whale feeds almost exclusively on what?
  8. It's well documented that which part of a blue whale’s body can weigh as much as an elephant?
  9. There are two types of whales. The baleen whales are one, what is the other?
  10. Which Arctic dweller has the longest lifespan of all marine mammals, often living well over 200-years?


  1. Blue whale
  2. Orcas
  3. Humpback whale
  4. Sperm whales
  5. Narwhal
  6. Beluga whale
  7. Krill
  8. It's tongue
  9. Toothed whales
  10. Bowhead whales