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What Colour?

Questions and descriptions about colours and shades?

  1. What dark red colour comes from the French word meaning "chestnut"?
  2. Which colour is halfway between blue and green on a modern RGB colour wheel?
  3. Which colour, halfway between yellow and chartreuse green on the colour wheel, is named after a fruit?
  4. What colour is the inner edge of the rainbow?
  5. Which reddish-brown colour is named after the rich brown pigment derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish?

  6. Which colour that you can make by combining a strong, bright deep red with a little blue, has been in written use since 1400? It is originally the colour of the dye produced from the dried bodies of a scale insect.
  7. What colour, with a name derived from a material, is located midway between the colours of yellow and orange?
  8. First recorded as a colour name in English in 1887, what colour means neutral, calm, and relaxing?
  9. Which bright, cyan-blue colour is often described as the colour of the sky on a clear day?
  10. Which dark red colour takes its name from a French wine?
  11. Harlequin, first used as a colour name in 1923, is a shade of what colour?
  12. What colour is lapis lazuli a shade of?
  13. What deep to vivid reddish pink derives its name from the French word for a fruit?
  14. What colour was described in 1880 as a "tint of cream-colour" and is named after a flowering plant?
  15. BRG is a colour similar to Brunswick green, what does BRG stand for?
  16. What colour, also called lavendar blue, is a colour in the blue and violet family with a name derived from the myrtle herb which bears flowers of the same colour?
  17. One of the first pigments to be used by humans, this colour is an earth pigment containing iron oxide and manganese oxide, in its natural state it is yellowish brown?
  18. Which deep blue-green colour gets its name from the coloured area around the eyes of a member of the duck family?
  19. What colour is one of the three colours of ink used by an inkjet printer, along with yellow and cyan?
  20. Which well known sports' team colour is actually a medium tone of spring green?
  21. Which dark gray-brown colour derives its name from the French word meaning "mole"?
  22. Which vivid purplish red colour is named after the colour of the flower of a plant named by botanist Charles Plumier?


  1. Maroon
  2. Cyan
  3. Lime
  4. Violet
  5. Sepia
  6. Crimson
  7. Amber
  8. Beige
  9. Azure
  10. Burgundy
  11. Green
  12. Blue
  13. Cerise ("cerise", meaning cherry)
  14. Magnolia
  15. British racing green

  16. Periwinkle
  17. Sienna
  18. Teal (the duck is called the common teal)
  19. Magenta
  20. Cambridge blue
  21. Taupe
  22. Fuchsia