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Welcome to our 'Which Two' Quiz

Which two? Every question has two answers!

  1. Which two colours are on a semaphore flag?
  2. Which two famous German Baroque composers were born the same year, 1685?
  3. Which two metals are alloyed to make bronze?

  4. In scrabble, give the two letters which are worth ten points?
  5. Which two vegetables are used with onions in vichyssoise soup?
  6. What were the two former names of Istanbul?
  7. There were two animals in the Bible that spoke with people in the human language, what two animals?
  8. Who are the two most translated English writers?
  9. Which two US cities are mentioned in the Rolling Stones song 'Honky Tonk Woman'?
  10. In 2012, a city in both England and Scotland was given city status, can you name the two cities?


  1. Red and Yellow
  2. Bach and Handel
  3. Coppper and tin
  4. Q and Z
  5. Leek and potatoes
  6. Byzantium and Constantinople
  7. Snake/serpent and donkey/ass (the serpent and Balaam's ass)
  8. Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare

  9. Memphis and New York City
  10. Chelmsford and Perth

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