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Which Year Quiz

Do you know the year in which the following events happened?


  1. In which year did Angela Merkel becomes the first female elected Chancellor of Germany?
  2. When did Catalonia recently declare independence from Spain?
  3. The premiership of Tony Blair ended upon his resignation on 27 June of which year?
  4. When was the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II?
  5. When did the Falklands War end?
  6. Which year saw the Chernobyl disaster?
  7. Britain's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87 in which year?

  8. In which year was "La La Land" mistakenly announced as best picture at the Academy Awards?
  9. Which year saw the death of Michael Jackson?
  10. In which year did Mike Tyson lose his titles to underdog Buster Douglas in Japan?
  11. When was the last episode of Friends first aired in the UK?
  12. In sport, when did rugby's Five Nations Championship become the Six Nations Championship?
  13. In which year was Barack Obama inaugurated for the first time as President of the United States?
  14. In which year did Donald Trump celebrate his 50th birthday?
  15. In which year did London host the Summer Olympics for the third time?
  16. In which year did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry?
  17. In which year did the Brexit referendum take place?
  18. In which year did Britain's largest tabloid newspaper, the News of the World, shut down after 168 years in print?
  19. Sir Alex Ferguson retired as Manchester United manager in which year?
  20. Susan Boyle just lost out on winning Britain's Got Talent to dance troupe Diversity in which year?


  1. 2005 (Angela Merkel becomes Chancellor)
  2. 2017 (Catalonia declare independence)
  3. 2007 (Premiership of Tony Blair ended)
  4. 1977 (Silver Jubilee)
  5. 1982 (Falklands War end)
  6. 1986 (Chernobyl disaster)
  7. 2013 (Margaret Thatcher dies)
  8. 2017 ("La La Land" mistakenly announced)
  9. 2009 (Death of Michael Jackson)
  10. 1990 (Mike Tyson loss)
  11. 2004 (Last episode of Friends)
  12. 2000 (Rugby's Six Nations)
  13. 2009 (Barack Obama is inaugurated)
  14. 1996 (Donald Trump's 50th)
  15. 2012 (London hosted the Olympics)

  16. 2018 (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry)
  17. 2016 (Brexit referendum)
  18. 2011 (News of the World, shuts down)
  19. 2013 (Sir Alex Ferguson retires)
  20. 2009 (Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent)