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Welcome to our Quiz About Whisky

Trivia Questions

  1. The word "whisky" evolved from the Scottish Gaelic phrase "Uisge Beath" - what does this translate to in English?
  2. Scotch whisky must be matured for a minimum of how many years?
  3. Jack Daniel's is a brand of American whiskey produced in which state?
  4. Which Scottish term refers to a single measure or serving of whisky?
  5. Is the word whisky spelled with or without the letter "e" in the United States?

  6. Which whisky brand's Highland Cream brand was registered in 1884?
  7. What does the term 'single malt' indicate?
  8. Ninety five per cent of all bourbon whiskey is produced in which American state?
  9. The three ingredients which are needed to make Scotch single malt whisky are water, barley and what else?
  10. In 1909, which whisky was rebranded with the introduction of the Striding Man mascot, which is still used to the present day?
  11. What is essentially barley which has been allowed to germinate by soaking in water and then dried by heating?
  12. Complete the name of this American brand of bourbon whiskey: Jim ...?
  13. Which celeb was famously buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s?
  14. Bushmills, which receives around 120,000 visitors per year and claims to be the world's oldest distillery, is in which country?
  15. Which colour label is Johnnie Walker's premium blend: black, blue, green, red or gold?
  16. Which type of American whiskey gets is name from a French dynasty?
  17. Which brand's bottle included an embossed coat of arms and the motto "Stand Fast"?
  18. Which river, the ninth longest in the UK, is important in Scottish whisky production?
  19. Which liqueur is made from Scotch whisky, heather honey, herbs and spices?
  20. Penderyn is a whisky distillery and brand in which country?
  21. Which whisky brand, the world's most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, has a stag logo and a name which means "valley of the deer" in Scottish Gaelic?
  22. Which cocktail made up of whisky and ginger wine is sometimes referred to as "The Golfers' Favourite"?
  23. In America, what name is given to the combination of beer and whiskey?
  24. How many malt and grain distilleries are there in Scotland: (a)30, (b)55, or (c)130?
  25. Which brand that sponsored the Scotland national rugby union team from 1990 until 2007 has also been the highest selling whisky brand in Scotland since 1980?
  26. Who once said: "I've just had eighteen straight whiskies. I think that's the record"?


  1. The water of life
  2. 3-years
  3. Tennessee
  4. Dram
  5. With the "e" in the United States - whiskey
  6. Teacher's (Teacher's Highland Cream)
  7. Indicates that the whisky was made in only one distillery (and has not been blended with any other product from elsewhere)
  8. Kentucky
  9. Yeast
  10. Johnnie Walker
  11. Malt
  12. Beam (Jim Beam)
  13. Frank Sinatra
  14. Ireland
  15. Blue label
  16. Bourbon

  17. Grant's ("Stand Fast" is the war cry of Clan Grant)
  18. River Spey
  19. Drambuie
  20. Wales
  21. Glenfiddich
  22. Whisky Mac (Whisky Macdonald more commonly known under the shortened name)
  23. Boilermaker
  24. (c)130
  25. The Famous Grouse
  26. Dylan Thomas