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Wildlife Quiz

All the questions in this quiz are about wildlife native to the UK.


  1. With adults typically weighing just 5 grams, which bird species is the UK's smallest?
  2. What is the UK's fastest land mammal?
  3. With several colonies in the UK, which birds because of their appearance and colour, are sometimes referred to as the "clowns of the sea"?
  4. What are the UK's largest wild mammals?
  5. Abundant in places like Orkney Islands, there are an estimated 200,000 grey what in the UK, which is half of the animal’s global population?
  6. What is an otter's nest called?

  7. What is the UK's largest land carnivore?
  8. Can you name the UK's largest native terrestrial reptile?
  9. Anguis fragilis are legless lizards which spend their time hiding underneath objects, by what name do we better know them?
  10. Cirius caroliniensis were first released in the UK in 1876 in Henbury Park, Cheshire - what are they?
  11. Eighteen bat species are found in the UK, which species are you most likely to see?
  12. Which medium sized bird is found in heather moorland and is also known as the moorcock, moorfowl or moorbird?
  13. Do killer whales live in UK waters? Yes or no?
  14. By what name do we know primula veris, the bright yellow bell-shaped flowers with five petals, found at spring in meadows and on woodland floors?
  15. Found throughout the UK, which species of owl is responsible for the classic, nocturnal 'twit twoo' call, the most commonly heard owl sound?
  16. The Queen still technically owns all 27 species of fishes belonging to the family Acipenseridae in the waters around England and Wales - by what name do we better know this fish?
  17. What usually makes up 80% of a badgers' diet?
  18. What word comes after both 'common' and 'holly' to give the names of two of Britain's most common butterflies?
  19. What name would you give to young hares, especially those in their first year?
  20. What wild animals from the genus vulpes would you expect to find in a skulk?
  21. Furze-pig and urchin are old English names for which British native mammal?
  22. Known as 'Highland Tigers', can you name Britain's only remaining native cat species since the Lynx went extinct around 1,000 years ago?
  23. Which semi-aquatic rodent is often informally called the water rat?
  24. Which bird native to the UK is the largest wading bird found in Europe?
  25. Epidalea calamita is a natterjack what?


  1. Goldcrests
  2. Brown hare
  3. Puffins
  4. Red deer or deer
  5. Seals (grey seals)
  6. Holt or couch
  7. Badger
  8. Grass snake
  9. Slow worm or deaf adder (note, the slow worm is a legless lizard and not a snake)
  10. Gray squirrels
  11. Pipistrelle bats
  12. Red grouse
  13. Yes
  14. Cowslips
  15. Tawny owl
  16. Sturgeon
  17. Earthworms
  18. Blue ('common blue' and 'holly blue')
  19. Leverets
  20. Foxes (a group of foxes is referred to as a skulk)

  21. Hedgehog
  22. Scottish Wildcats
  23. Water vole
  24. Curlew
  25. Toad (natterjack toad)