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Wordle - the word puzzle game

Test your knowledge of Wordle

  1. What was the surname of Welsh software engineer Josh who created the game Wordle? The name 'wordle' is a play on his last name.
  2. How many tries do users have to get the word right?
  3. The game is now owned and published by which newspaper?

  4. What colour tile indicates that the letter is correct, but the placement is wrong?
  5. Which large, mainly grey bird with long legs and a long neck is listed by WordleBot as the best Wordle start word?
  6. Wordle uses US-English spellings not UK. A report said, this upset many UK-based players when which word beginning with 'F' was one day the the word to guess?
  7. The word for 'a man who courts a woman' is regarded as one of the worse words used so far. What is it?
  8. What word game beginning with the letter 'A' is a much more difficult version of Wordle? The name is a play on the word 'wordle'.
  9. Wordle is similar to which UK television game show?
  10. The prototype of Wordle was created in 2013 and inspired by which color-matching game?


  1. Wardle (Josh Wardle)
  2. Six tries
  3. The New York Times (since 2022)
  4. Yellow tile
  5. CRANE
  6. FAVOR
  7. WOOER
  8. Absurdle
  9. Lingo
  10. Mastermind