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Backward and Forward Word Quiz

Each question gives two clues for two answers. The second answer is the first answer spelled backwards. These are sometimes called heteropalindromes. Examples are BARD and DRAB.

Example 1: Extremely eager or interested - and a celebrated female opera singer... the answers are AVID and DIVA.

Heteropalindromes Questions

  1. Mental or emotional strain - and for example, cakes and ice creams.
  2. Fit for a king - and a beer traditionally stored in the same cool caves it was fermented in.
  3. Quick-witted intelligence - and a mode of transport.

  4. The Welsh village in the Dylan Thomas play Under Milk Wood - and vulgar slang meaning nothing.
  5. Distinctive clothing - and say something in a boastful manner.
  6. Give something to someone in recognition of their efforts - and a storage compartment.
  7. The highest summit of the Rocky Mountains - and refers to tones whose frequency or range is at the higher end of human hearing range.
  8. A German word meaning castle - and an insect at an early stage.
  9. To snarl - and made a clear resonant or vibrating sound.
  10. A person shunned for moral or social reasons - and drive or force an attack back.
  11. An attendant employed to control who goes through - and often attached to a child's coat.
  12. Prove that evidence or an accusation is false - and thickened underground part of a stem.
  13. A truck without sides for delivering beer barrels - and a unit of measurement.
  14. A composition which requires nine musicians for a performance - and a projecting piece of wood.
  15. A bad mood - and virtual points where network connections start and end
  16. For that reason - and a large legendary monster.
  17. A family of personal computers - and a deceptive scheme.
  18. The wild drummer from the Muppet Show - and anatomical term meaning "layer".
  19. A dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine - and the body of an average adult human contains about 4 grams of this.
  20. Criticized in an abusive insulting manner - and provide something promised or expected.
  21. A small line or stroke regularly attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter - and discharges.
  22. Transmit or send money to a person - and a specialized type of clock.
  23. A sailboat with a single mast - and introduced in Britain in 1923 by Littlewoods.
  24. Sport some historians trace to the Roman game of paganica - and an arduous climb or struggle.
  25. Alter the form or character of - and someone who steals goods, typically during a riot or war.


  1. Stressed and desserts
  2. Regal and lager
  3. Smart and trams
  4. Llareggub and bugger all
  5. Garb and brag
  6. Reward and drawer
  7. Elbert (Mount Elbert) and treble
  8. Burg and grub
  9. Gnar and rang
  10. Leper and repel
  11. Gateman and nametag
  12. Rebut and tuber
  13. Dray and yard
  14. Nonet and tenon
  15. Strop and ports
  16. Ergo and ogre
  17. Macs and scam
  18. Animal and lamina
  19. Nori and iron
  20. Reviled and deliver
  21. Serif and fires
  22. Remit and timer
  23. Sloop and pools
  24. Golf and flog
  25. Retool and looter

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