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Words With Silent Letters

All the following English language words contain silent letters. Can you work out from the definitions what these words are?


  1. A document acknowledging that a person has received money. SILENT P
  2. In medicine, not harmful in effect. SILENT G
  3. Strike a surface noisily to attract attention. SILENT K
  4. A droopy eyelid. SILENT P
  5. Responsible for a wrongdoing. SILENT U
  6. A pattern of letters or associations that assists in remembering something. SILENT M

  7. A passage between rows of seats in a building. SILENT A
  8. A fruit made up of around 100 drupelets. SILENT P
  9. Animal with the scientic name Panthera pardus. SILENT O
  10. Property of materials defined as the ability to emit light after absorbing electromagnetic radiation. SILENT C
  11. Relating to knowledge, especially knowledge that most people do not have. SILENT G
  12. Compelling attractiveness or charm. SILENT H
  13. A fictitious name. SILENT P
  14. In danger of being damaged or destroyed. SILENT O
  15. The projecting piece on a sundial. SILENT G
  16. A feeling of uncertainty. SILENT B
  17. Filled with or operated by compressed air. SILENT P
  18. A written outline of a film or novel. SILENT C
  19. Reddish leaf stalks of a plant eaten as a fruit after cooking. SILENT H
  20. The sound of a funeral bell. SILENT K


  1. Receipt
  2. Benign
  3. Knock
  4. Ptosis
  5. Guilty
  6. Mnemonic
  7. Aisle
  8. Raspberry
  9. Leopard
  10. Fluorescent
  11. Gnostic
  12. Charisma
  13. Pseudonym
  14. Jeopardy
  15. Gnomon
  16. Doubt
  17. Pneumonia
  18. Scenario
  19. Rhubarb
  20. Knell