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World Countries


  1. The Nazca Lines are a group of lines made in the soil of which country?
  2. Lapland is the northernmost region of which country?
  3. Which country is 99% desert?
  4. Mount Everest is jointly owned by which two countries?
  5. The highest waterfall in the world is in which country?
  6. Which country is the only one in the world that is a grand duchy?
  7. The nickname "Little Red Dot" is a reference for how which country is represented on the world map?
  8. 'E' is the international car registration plate of which country?
  9. Which country was historically called Abyssinia?

  10. Which tiny country, once the centre of the slave trade in Africa, gained its independence from France in 1960?
  11. The canton of Zug is in which European country?
  12. Formerly invaded by Indonesia, which country became the first new country of the 21st century?
  13. Most cruises to Antarctica begin in the port of Ushuaia, in which country?
  14. Timbuktu is a city in which country?
  15. In September 1928, King Zog came to the throne in which country?
  16. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country but which country is the world's most populous landlocked country?
  17. Panama is located between Costa Rica and which country?
  18. Which African country gets its name from the oldest desert in the world?
  19. Wallonia is a region in which country?
  20. Qatar shares its sole land border with which country?
  21. The vast majority of the Yoruba ethnic group live within which country?
  22. Podgorica is the capital and largest city of which country?
  23. Sri Lanka was formerly known by what name?
  24. What is the new name of Swaziland?
  25. The River Loa, flows through Calama, one of the driest cities in the world, in which country?
  26. The temple of Angkor Wat is on the flag of which country?
  27. The greater part of the Danube Delta lies in which country?
  28. Voodoo became a legally established religion in which country in 2001?
  29. In which country would you find the ruins of Carthage?
  30. The North Sentinel Island, known for its isolation from the outside world, is a protected area of which country?


  1. Peru
  2. Finland
  3. Libya
  4. China and Nepal
  5. Venezuela (Angel Falls)
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Singapore
  8. Spain
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Togo
  11. Switzerland
  12. East Timor
  13. Argentina
  14. Mali
  15. Albania
  16. Eithiopia
  17. Colombia
  18. Namibia (the desert is the the Namib Desert)
  19. Belgium
  20. Saudi Arabia
  21. Nigeria
  22. Montenegro
  23. Ceylon
  24. Eswatini
  25. Chile (the River Loa is the longest in Chile)
  26. Cambodia
  27. Romania
  28. Haiti
  29. Tunisia
  30. India