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World Cup songs


  1. Who recorded World Cup Willie, the English team’s anthem for the 1966 World Cup?
  2. Which song first recorded in 1977 and often used in popular culture, was included as an official theme song for the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA?
  3. Which player in 1990 recorded a rap for the official England team song, New Order's "World in Motion"?
  4. Which novelty song was released for Scotland's 1978 World Cup campaign in Argentina?
  5. Which aria was popularised beyond the opera world by Luciano Pavarotti for the 1990 World Cup?

  6. Who featured with Dizzee Rascal on "Shout", an unofficial England team anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
  7. Which two future England managers sung with the squad on the official song "This Time (We’ll Get It Right)" in 1982?
  8. Which American singer duetted with classical crossover group Il Divo for the official 2006 FIFA World Cup anthem?
  9. Which singer collaborated with the South African group Freshlyground for the official 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa?
  10. Which single was recorded by the 1970 England World Cup squad and began the tradition of recording World Cup songs?
  11. "Put 'Em Under Pressure" was the official song of which country for their 1990 campaign in Italy?
  12. Who was contacted by FIFA to create a song as the 1998 FIFA World Cup anthem, after his 1997 song, "María" caught their attention?
  13. Which rock band were chosen to record England's official football World Cup 2006 song, "World at Your Feet"?
  14. Recorded for the world cup, which song consists of the repeated phrase "nah nah nah"?
  15. When sung by England fans at the 2006 World Cup, commentator John Motson remarked about which song: "As football songs go, it is certainly the best"?


  1. Lonnie Donegan
  2. We Are the Champions
  3. John Barnes
  4. Ally's Tartan Army
  5. Nessun dorma
  6. James Corden
  7. Kevin Keegan and Glen Hoddle
  8. Toni Braxton
  9. Shakira
  10. Back Home
  11. Republic of Ireland
  12. Ricky Martin
  13. Embrace
  14. Vindaloo (sung by British band Fat Les)
  15. Three Lions