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World War II Battles


  1. Name the British fighter aircraft responsible for most German losses in the Battle of Britain?
  2. Often cited as the bloodiest battle in history, which battle arose from Germany’s campaign to capture oil fields in the Caucasus Mountains?
  3. Which Egyptian coastal town gave its name to the battle that saw the British Eighth Army defeat the German Afrika Korps in 1942?
  4. Which battle in the Ardennes Forest was Germany’s last major offensive operation on the Western Front?
  5. Taking place in the Pacific Theatre of War, the American carrier Lexington was sunk in which May 1942 sea battle resulting from Japan's plan to capture Port Moresby?

  6. The Battle of Monte Cassino is also known as the battle for which city?
  7. Which 1943 battle fought in western Russia, was the largest tank battle in history?
  8. What was the name of the prefabricated artificial harbours used by the Allies in Operation Overlord?
  9. Operation Husky was the code name for the invasion of where by the Allies?
  10. The attack on Pearl Harbor was described by President Franklin Roosevelt as "a date which will live in..." what?
  11. Which battle is best known for its photograph showing six American servicemen raising a flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi?
  12. Which battle of the Italian Campaign of World War II ended on June 4, 1944, with the capture of Rome?
  13. Which battle of June 1942 saw Japan lose four aircraft carriers?
  14. Name the largest naval battle of World War II which resulted from Japan's plan to stop the American reconquest of the Philippines?
  15. Operation Market Garden was an Allied military operation fought in which country?
  16. Which December 1939 battle fought in the South Atlantic was the first naval battle of the Second World War?


  1. Hurricane (Hawker Hurricane)
  2. Battle of Stalingrad
  3. El Alamein
  4. Battle of the Bulge
  5. Battle of the Coral Sea
  6. Rome (Battle for Rome)
  7. Battle of Kursk
  8. Mulberry harbours
  9. Sicily
  10. Infamy ("a date which will live in infamy")
  11. Battle of Iwo Jima
  12. Battle of Anzio
  13. Battle of Midway
  14. Battle of Leyte Gulf
  15. Netherlands
  16. The Battle of the River Plate