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Welcome to our Zoom Christmas Quiz

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50 Christmas Zoom Quiz Questions

  1. In Cockney rhyming slang, how much money is a monkey?
    Answer - £500
  2. What colour bow tie does Donald Duck wear?
    Answer - Red
  3. What do paleontologist Ross and Israeli born illusionist Uri have in common?
    Answer - The last name Geller (Ross is from TV's Friends)
  4. Which planet is the nearest to earth, Venus or Mars?
    Answer - Venus

  5. Which song is played with the end credits of the film Die Hard?
    Answer - Let it Snow! (Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!)
  6. In which US state is Harvard University located?
    Answer - Massachusetts
  7. How old was Kevin McCallister in the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone?
    Answer - Eight
  8. Which country is bigger: Australia or Brazil?
    Answer - Brazil is bigger
  9. In which year did man last walk on the moon?
    Answer - 1972
  10. Which musician's daughter starred in the psychological thriller film Abduction in 2011 and the fantasy film Mirror Mirror in 2012?
    Answer - Phil Collin's daughter (Lily Collins)
  11. Can you name the most populated landlocked country in the world?
    Answer - Ethiopia (over 101 million people)
  12. What quality in a person does a sapiosexual find attractive?
    Answer - High intelligence
  13. Which British monarch was the last to lead his troops into battle?
    Answer - King George II (at the 1743 Battle of Dettingen)
  14. Which event has the longest-standing individual world record in athletics? Hint: It was set in 1983 by a female.
    Answer - Ladies 800-metres (set by Jarmila Kratochvílova)
  15. In the high street, in which sort of shop would you find a Brannock Device for?
    Answer - Shoe shop (it's the standard foot measuring device)
  16. Which American state's Spanish translation literally means 'covered in snow'?
    Answer - Nevada
  17. English musician Anthony Ernest Pratt devised which board game in the 1940s?
    Answer - Cluedo
  18. What links something more expensive than gold, with the top of the Indian flag?
    Answer - Saffron (the spice, and saffron is also the top colour of the flag)
  19. You can walk across the medieval stone arch bridge called Charles Bridge in which European capital city?
    Answer - Prague (Czech Republic)
  20. Which country has approximately one vending machine per every 23 people, according to its Vending Machine Manufacturers Association?
    Answer - Japan
  21. What is the translation of the Turkish word 'doner' as in doner kebab?
    Answer - Rotary (or rotating)
  22. Who once said: "I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph."
    Answer - Shirley Temple
  23. What in 1924 did Kelly's Motors in New South Wales, Australia, give a car for the first time?
    Answer - A car radio
  24. What is the Spanish word for hat?
    Answer - Sombrero
  25. Which first name of a well-known sitcom character is also the middle name of politician Keir Starmer?
    Answer - Rodney
  26. In which group of islands would you find the world's most northernmost penguin species?
    Answer - Galapagos Islands

  27. Which X-Factor winner was the first to make it to the Christmas number one spot?
    Answer - Shayne Ward (2005 - That's My Goal)
  28. In which year did the Victorian era begin?
    Answer - 1837
  29. Which darts term spelled backwards gives the name of the highest mountain in the Rockies?
    Answer - Elbert (treble spelled backwards)
  30. In which decade did the last Tolpuddle Martyr die?
    Answer - 1900s (1902 - James Brine)
  31. Which cake is typically eaten during Christmas throughout Italy?
    Answer - Panettone
  32. On the 13 March 1781, what did William Herschel discovered from his back garden at 19 New King Street, Bath?
    Answer - The planet Uranus
  33. What's the traditional colour of French Postal Service mailboxes?
    Answer - Yellow
  34. Which scientist became the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice?
    Answer - Marie Curie
  35. Which 1901 J.M. Barrie play gave it's name to some well known chocolates?
    Answer - Quality Street
  36. Which town, the birthplace of Brian Clough, would you also associate with a famous transporter bridge and a former football stadium at Ayresome Park?
    Answer - Middlesbrough
  37. Who did actress Jessica Biel marry in Italy in 2012?
    Answer - Justin Timberlake
  38. What is the occupation of Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
    Answer - Pope (the real name of Pope Francis)
  39. Which of the world's capital cities comes last alphabetically?
    Answer - Zagreb (Croatia)
  40. The manufacture of Mars Bars was associated with which British town for many decades, first starting in 1932?
    Answer - Slough
  41. In feet, how high is a full regulation netball hoop? (It's a whole number!)
    Answer - 10 feet
  42. Straight after the 1966 World Cup win Nobby Stiles did a spontaneous dance with the Jules Rimet Trophy in one hand and what item in the other?
    Answer - His dentures/false teeth
  43. The original narrator of television's Googlebox was born on Christmas Eve, 1963 - can you name this person?
    Answer - Caroline Aherne
  44. Which word, which is Czech for "forced labour", came into common usage after it was used by playwright Karel Capek in his 1920 hit play, R.U.R.?
    Answer - Robot
  45. Washington, D.C., was formed from land donated by which two American states?
    Answer - Maryland and Virginia
  46. If you multiple the number of firemen in the original roll call for Trumpton by the number of Teletubbies, what number do you get?
    Answer - 24 (6 firemen x 4 Teletubies)
  47. In terms of humorous units of measurement, how many ships can be launched by a millihelen?
    Answer - One ship
  48. What number is represented by the roman numerals CM?
    Answer - 900
  49. The Matterhorn mountain is the logo of which chocolate?
    Answer - Toblerone
  50. Which musician has a rather large Heinz Ketchup tattoo on their arm?
    Answer - Ed Sheeran