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Newly added quizzes. This is where you'll find our most recently written quizzes for 2023.

Updated November, 2023

Christmas People (picture quiz)
Christmas Word Connections
First Lines of Christmas Songs
Quizzes with Answers
Civil Engineering
1970's Christmas Quiz
Christmas 2023 Quiz
Christmas Specials
Gunpowder Plot
NFL Teams

Printable Rugby World Cup
Rugby World Cup
Computer Keyboard Quiz
Rugby Trivia
Printable Seniors Quiz
Famous Spies
Popular Celebrities 2023
Aviation Firsts
Weird History
Liverpool Goalscorers
27 Club
Mythical Creatures
Adventure Trivia
2023 Politics
Famous MPs
Falklands War
Important Numbers in Maths and Physics (reference)
Artificial Intelligence
1960s Quiz
Printable Flag Handout
Country Outlines Handout
Quiz of the Year 2023 - updated
Women's Football
European Countries
St Ives
Lewis Capaldi
Bar Trivia
British TV Culture
Opening Lines in Children's Books
Hot July
Top of the Pops
Business Blunders
Questions and Answers
Winnie the Pooh
Lego Trivia
Provinces of Canada
Best England Players Ever
General Knowledge
Seaside Towns
Famous Photos
Footie Quiz
Foods Named After Places in the UK
Big Animals Quiz
Famous Festivals
Older Kids Quiz
Large UK Towns
Balearic Islands
Celebs Real Names
Summer Holidays
Shocking TV Moments
Welsh Place Names
Strange Laws
Childs Quiz
TV Themes
French Cities
Difficult Quiz
South Africa
Australian Animals
Wives of Henry VIII
Months of the Year
Free General Knowledge
Famous Coastlines
Strange Quiz
Saturday Fun
Blue Peter
2023 Picture Quiz
Public Schools
Medical Terms
American Trivia
Hong kong
World Cup Quiz
Dog Breeds
Exclamation Marks
Famous Straits
1970s TV
Hollywood Trivia
Famous Books Subtitles
Pen Names
40 General Knowledge Questions
Iconic Toys
Cities on Islands
Famous Islands
Famous Poems
UK Railway Stations
Football's Hardest Players
Home and Garden
Around Britain
Wimbledon Tennis
Dragons' Den
Famous Australians
Wimbledon Tennis
Summer Songs
American Independence Day
Modern Britain
2023 Events
Ice Cream
Australian Geography
Australian States
American Geography
Tourist Attractions in the United States
United States of America Quiz
Garden Quiz
Movie Props
City Nicknames in the United States
Las Vegas Quiz
Robert De Niro Filmography
Nordic Countries
British Celebrations
Political Scandals
Cultural Icons
London Streets
Fawlty Towers
Famous Lists
Most Shocking TV Moments
Irish Geography
French Geography
Ballon d'Or Football Quiz
Famous Birds
Towns in England
Children's TV
English Football
Vegan Quiz
Big Men
Number Seven
Connect Two
Pink Quiz
Orange Quiz
Purple Quiz
Grey Quiz
Black Quiz
White Quiz
Red Quiz
Brown Quiz
Blue Quiz
Quiz Questions - new quiz just added (Number 25)
1980s TV Quiz
Words - Backwards and Forwards
Hard Dingbats
Easy Dingabts
Directions - British Cities
British City Areas
Youngest Sports Champions
Nuclear Weapons
Famous Children
Mobile Phones
Welsh History
Number and Word Fun
Unusual Middle Names
Second Cities
Famous Gates
Famous People Same Name
Eggheads Quiz
British Popular Culture
British Words
Modern Artists