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2022 Quiz

Quiz: What's happening in 2022?

  1. On what day of the week does 2022 start in the UK?
  2. Can you express the year 2022 in roman numerals?
  3. In which city will the Winter Olympics take place?
  4. Which jubilee will Queen Elizabeth II celebrate?

  5. Which African country will celebrate 100 years of independence from the United Kingdom?
  6. In which city will the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest be hosted?
  7. Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the first public holiday of Matariki will take place in which country?
  8. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be held in which British city?
  9. The final of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is scheduled to take place on which month in 2022?
  10. Which country plans to launch its first crewed space flight in 2022?
  11. Which new line being built by Crossrail in London is due to open in 2022?
  12. Which American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for 11 seasons, from 1993 to 2004, is set to return?
  13. Which animal will represent the Chinese New Year 2022?
  14. 30 Mar 2022 is the 25th anniversary of which British TV channel?
  15. In the UK events and activites will celebrate 1900 years since the building of what?


  1. Saturday
  3. Beijing
  4. Platinum Jubilee
  5. Egypt
  6. Turin, Italy
  7. New Zealand
  8. Birmingham
  9. December
  10. India
  11. Elizabeth line
  12. Cheers
  13. Tiger
  14. Channel Five
  15. Hadrian's Wall