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Airport Quiz II

  1. Which airport surpassed Heathrow in 2014 to become the busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic?
  2. In 2016, Madeira Airport renamed itself after after which famous locally born person?
  3. Bristol Airport is located in which English county?
  4. Which European city's airport is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

  5. What is the IATA airport code for Los Angeles International Airport?
  6. Sumburgh Airport serves which UK island?
  7. Name the only airport in the UK, other than Heathrow, to operate two runways over 2,999 metres in length?
  8. In 1996, musician Bjork infamously attacked a reporter in which city's international airport?
  9. Which now abandoned European airport when constructed in 1923 officially became the largest building in the world until the Pentagon was built?
  10. What name is given to the area of an airport where aircraft are boarded, parked, unloaded/loaded, and refueled?
  11. Washington National Airport was renamed to honour which American President?
  12. What is the better known name of Europe's Roissy Airport?
  13. John Wayne Airport is an international airport in which American state?
  14. How many terminals are there at Heathrow Airport?
  15. Name the main airport serving the U.S. state of New Jersey?
  16. The main commercial airport for Cornwall is 5 miles northeast of which town?
  17. Which Eastern European city's airport was named after Mother Teresa in 2002?
  18. Which London airport was the first in the world to introduce air traffic control?
  19. Which airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany?
  20. The 2004 film The Terminal (starring Tom Hanks) is about a man who becomes stuck in which international airport?
  21. After the United States, which country in the world has the most airports?
  22. Which British international airport is located in Leicestershire close to Castle Donington?


  1. Dubai International Airport
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Somerset
  4. Salzburg's
  5. LAX
  6. Shetland
  7. Manchester Airport
  8. Bangkok
  9. Berlin Tempelhof
  10. The Airport Apron
  11. Ronald Reagan
  12. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  13. California
  14. Four

  15. Newark Liberty International Airport
  16. Newquay
  17. Tirana (in Albania)
  18. Croydon Airport
  19. Frankfurt Airport
  20. New York's John F. Kennedy Airport
  21. Brazil
  22. East Midlands Airport

Airport Trivia II

The following airports are in which world cities?

  1. George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  2. Narita International Airport
  3. Marco Polo Airport
  4. George Best Airport
  5. Kingsford Smith Airport
  6. Lech Walesa Airport
  7. Christopher Columbus Airport
  8. Incheon International Airport
  9. Louis Armstrong Airport
  10. Indira Gandhi International Airport
  11. Nikola Tesla Airport
  12. Suvarnabhumi Airport
  13. O'Hare International Airport
  14. Logan International Airport
  15. Orly Airport
  16. Henri Coanda International Airport
  17. Galileo Galilei Airport
  18. Schiphol
  19. Lester B. Pearson International Airport
  20. El Dorado International Airport


  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Tokyo
  3. Venice
  4. Belfast
  5. Sydney
  6. Gdansk
  7. Genoa
  8. Seoul
  9. New Orleans
  10. Delhi
  11. Belgrade
  12. Bangkok
  13. Chicago

  14. Boston
  15. Paris
  16. Bucharest
  17. Pisa
  18. Amsterdam
  19. Toronto
  20. Bogota
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