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Quiz I

  1. The main types of which form of transport are non-rigid, semi-rigid, and rigid?
  2. Which blue credit-card-sized contactless smartcard is popularly used on public transport in Greater London?
  3. Which form of transport, that derives its name from the French for ‘carriage with wooden benches’, was once common for works outings during the early 1900s?

  4. Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in which country?
  5. Which British Cunard Line ship, launched in September 1906, was the world's largest until the completion of RMS Olympic in 1911?
  6. Which European port was the world's busiest from 1962 to 2004?
  7. A hovercraft is sometimes known as an ACV, what does this acronym stand for?
  8. Which company lost a March 2017 legal case against Transport for London when it attempted to stop written English exams for its drivers?
  9. Albert Gunton made headlines in 1952 when he jumped his number 78 bus across where?
  10. Which taxi service in Bangkok gets its name from the sputtering sound of its engine?
  11. The name of which British budget airline, based at Leeds Bradford Airport, is also its website address?
  12. Which shortened name is given to the North American intercity bus carrier which began life in Hibbing, Minnesota in 1914?


  1. Airships
  2. Oyster Card
  3. Charabanc
  4. South Korea

  5. RMS Mauretania
  6. The Port of Rotterdam
  7. Air-cushion vehicle
  8. Uber
  9. The opening of Tower Bridge
  10. Tuk Tuk
  12. Greyhound

Quiz II: more transport questions

  1. Which Czech car manufacturer was founded in 1895 as Laurin and Klement?
  2. Which ferry operator, the largest in Europe, offers three Irish destinations from UK ports? Two of these Ireland destinations are Dublin and Belfast, can you name the third?
  3. Which term, borrowed from horse racing, is an unofficial accolade given to the regular service passenger liner which holds the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing record?
  4. Scottish business woman Ann Gloag was co-founder of which international transport company?
  5. Dennis Anthony Tito was the first tourist to visit where?
  6. Concorde's first two scheduled flights were from London and Paris. Which city was the destination of the London based Concorde? And what about the Paris Concorde?
  7. The M11 motorway is a 52-mile motorway that links which city with northeast London?
  8. The ferry MS Herald of Free Enterprise capsized moments after leaving which Belgian port in 1987?
  9. Which form of personal transport was launched by inventor Dean Kamen in 2001?
  10. It's first schematic was designed by Harry Beck in 1931, what is it?
  11. Opened in 1994, what is the common nickname of the Channel Tunnel?
  12. Which city's underground metro-line is the only one in the UK which operates completely underground?
  13. Which ocean liner was retired from service in December 1967 and was sold to the city of Long Beach, California?
  14. Which airport is the fourth busiest in the UK after Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester?


  1. Skoda
  2. Stena Line. Rosslare.
  3. The Blue Riband
  4. Stagecoach Group
  5. Space (widely known as the first space tourist)
  6. The first routes were (London) to Bahrain, and (Paris) to Rio de Janeiro (via Dakar)

  7. Cambridge
  8. Zeebrugge
  9. Segway PT
  10. The Tube Map, or London Underground Map
  11. Chunnel
  12. Glasgow's (also, it's the third-oldest underground metro system in the world after London and the Budapest Metro)
  13. RMS Queen Mary
  14. Stanstead

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