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Animal Trivia Questions I

  1. What is the better known name for a 'cavy'?
  2. The name of which animal means 'little armoured one' in Spanish?

  3. What are gnus better known as?
  4. What do 'ungulate' mammals possess?
  5. Which of the following four animals is the fastest: Kangaroo, lion, horse or hyena?
  6. What name is given to the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey?
  7. Which group of mammals get their name from the Latin word which means 'to chew over again'?
  8. Sometimes kept as pets, from which country do pot-bellied pigs originate from?
  9. Ornithorhynchus anatinus is the animal emblem of the state of New South Wales; what is it's better known name?
  10. What is the largest tree-dwelling animal?
  11. Which of these pairs of animals are most likely to meet in the wild: (a)a penguin and a polar bear, (b)a leopard and a cheetah, (c)a gorilla and an orang-utan, or (d)a lemur and a wallaby?
  12. Which large animal kills more people than any other animal in Africa?


  1. Guinea pig
  2. Armadillos
  3. Wildebeests
  4. Hooves
  5. Lion

  6. Hinny
  7. Ruminants
  8. Vietnam
  9. The platypus or duck-billed platypus
  10. Orangutan
  11. A leopard and a cheetah
  12. Hippopotamus

Animal Trivia Questions II

  1. The word 'ursine' means relating to or resembling which type of animal?
  2. Which four letter word is sometimes used as the name of the biggest member of the oceanic dolphin family?
  3. What is a hare that is less than one year old called?
  4. Which animals name means 'earth pig' in Afrikaans?
  5. The duck-billed platypus is native to which country?
  6. What mammal, sometimes referred to as a mereswine, is a small toothed whale that is closely related to dolphins?
  7. Musth (pronounced must) is an annual condition characterized by high aggression in the male of which animals?
  8. What name is given to the smallest species of penguin?
  9. What precisely did Dian Fossey study in the mountain forests of Rwanda?
  10. Why is the basilisk lizard often known as the Jesus Christ lizard?
  11. Which animals' species name refers to its camel-like shape and its leopard-like colouring?
  12. Which animals are currently thought to be the best candidates for human organ donation?


  1. Bear

  2. Orca (killer whale)
  3. A leveret
  4. Aardvark
  5. Australia
  6. Porpoise
  7. Elephants
  8. The Fairy Penguin (sometimes known as the little blue penguin)
  9. Mountain gorillas
  10. Because it can walk on water
  11. Giraffe
  12. Pigs

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