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Welcome to our Animal Quiz Questions Page

Animal Quiz Questions I

  1. What is eaten by a frugivorous animal?
  2. The 'prarie wolf' is an alternative English name for which animal?

  3. Which long-haired domesticated bovid is found throughout the Himalayas?
  4. In which country did the extinct large flightless bird the moa live?
  5. What is a grilse?
  6. How many arms and tentacles does a giant squid have in total?
  7. To which family does the goldfish belong?
  8. Where does an arboreal animal live?
  9. Agathidium bushi, named after president George W. Bush in 2005, is a species of what?
  10. What type of animal is a Suffolk Punch?
  11. What species of animal is a megamouth?
  12. What sort of animals are often called smaller apes or lesser apes?


  1. Fruit
  2. Coyote
  3. Yak

  4. New Zealand
  5. A salmon (that has returned to fresh water after a single winter at sea)
  6. 10 (2 tentacles and 8 arms)
  7. Carp (also accept Cyprinidae)
  8. In trees
  9. Beetle
  10. Horse
  11. Shark
  12. Gibbons

Animal Quiz II

  1. Cymric, Devon Rex, Havana Brown, and Burmilla are all breeds of which domestic animal?
  2. Joy Adamson, of Born Free fame, wrote The Spotted Sphinx, a biography of her pet Pippa - what sort of animal was Pippa?
  3. What name is given to the home of the otter?
  4. What name are adult male gorillas known by, due to the hair on their backs?
  5. Name the only penguin that lives north of the equator in the wild?
  6. What type of animal is a marmoset?
  7. How many toes per foot does a camel have?
  8. Name the most common and well-known member of the oceanic dolphin family?
  9. Often linked to mermaid folklore, what's another name for the sea-cow?
  10. The Methuselah Mouse Prize is a competition to breed long-lived lab mice; as of 2015, what is the record to the nearest year?
  11. Which animal has the latin name ursus maritimus?
  12. Lemurs are unique to which country?


  1. Cats
  2. Cheetah

  3. Holt
  4. Silverbacks
  5. Galapagos penguin
  6. Monkey
  7. Two
  8. Bottlenose dolphin
  9. Manatee
  10. 5 years (4 years, 358 days)
  11. Polar bear
  12. Madagascar

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