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Art Quiz Questions

  1. Name the artist famed for painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

  2. 'My Bed' was exhibited at the Tate Gallery in 1999 and consisted of a bed with bedroom objects in an abject state; who was the artist?
  3. The Tate is a network of four art museums; two are based in London, give the other two English locations?
  4. What's the well known name for a painting on a freshly plastered wall?
  5. In which decade of the last century did the British artist Francis Bacon die?
  6. Which artist painted the Poppy Field in 1873?

  7. art quiz question
    Question 6 - Impressionist art quiz question

  8. Which artist was the first living person to have art displayed in the Louvre?
  9. In which British city would you find the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, and the Ikon Gallery?
  10. What is the meaning of the art term impasto?
  11. In 2011, whose 1969 sculpture Two Forms (Divided Circle) was stolen from its plinth in South London? And can you name the park it was stolen from?
  12. Which artist founded the Cubist movement in collaboration with Pablo Picasso?
  13. Which painting was stolen from the National Gallery in Oslo in 1994 and held to ransom for $1 million? And who was the artist?


  1. Michelangelo

  2. Tracey Emin
  3. Liverpool, and St. Ives, Cornwall
  4. Fresco
  5. 1990s
  6. Claude Monet
  7. Georges Braque
  8. Birmingham
  9. Thickly applied paint
  10. Barbara Hepworth's, Dulwich Park
  11. Georges Braque (again!)
  12. The Scream, by Edvard Munch

Art Quiz Questions

  1. The Hay Wain by John Constable depicts a rural scene on which river?
  2. What are the three drooping objects in The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí?
  3. Who created the work of art known as Campbell's Soup Cans?
  4. Who created the famous sculpture The Thinker?
  5. Which form of pottery takes its name from the Italian for baked earth?
  6. Which arts' movement was founded by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque?
  7. Triptych‚ÄďAugust 1972 is an oil on canvas triptych by which Irish-born artist?
  8. Which former England cricketer own's a gallery in Chipping Sodbury and is a well known artist?
  9. A Rake's Progress is a series of eight paintings by which English artist?
  10. Sir Quentin Saxby Blake is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children's writer best known for illustrating books by which author?
  11. Who created the Angel of the North?
  12. Which well known Roy Lichtenstein artwork features a comic-book style plane shooting down an enemy plane?


  1. River Stour
  2. Clocks
  3. Andy Warhol
  4. Auguste Rodin
  5. Terracotta
  6. Cubism
  7. Francis Bacon
  8. Jack Russell
  9. William Hogarth
  10. Roald Dahl
  11. Antony Gormley
  12. Whaam!

Art Quiz Questions

  1. Which nationality is the artist Frida Kahlo?
  2. Nighthawks, a 1942 oil on canvas painting that portrays people in a downtown diner late at night, is by which artist?
  3. French artist Edgar Degas was famous for painting which particular subject?
  4. Who is the best known member of the group known as the Young British Artists?
  5. In which city would you find The Van Gogh Museum?
  6. Who painted The Triumph of Death?
  7. Which statue was carved by the Piccirilli Brothers under the supervision of sculptor Daniel Chester French?
  8. In which museum can The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals be viewed?
  9. In which British seaside town would you find a Tate gallery?
  10. Whose sculpture 'Two Forms (Divided Circle)' was stolen, from its plinth in Dulwich Park, South London, in 2011?
  11. Pablo Picasso spent most of his adult life in which country?
  12. Complete the Van Gogh painting title: 'Starry Night Over the ...'?


  1. Mexican
  2. Edward Hopper
  3. Ballet dancers or dancers

  4. Damien Hirst
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Pieter Bruegel
  7. Lincoln Memorial
  8. The Wallace Collection, London
  9. St. Ives
  10. Barbara Hepworth
  11. France
  12. Rhone

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