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Flag Quizzes, Logos and Polish facts

August 25th, 2017

We love our flag quiz!

For some reason many of our quizzes do really well in the number of daily page views they receive, and others not so well. Our 'kids quiz questions' and 'tiebreaker' pages attract a high volume of visitors. The 'tiebreaker' page is one of my favourites and I'm always sporadically adding the odd question. That's why some of our quizzes have an odd number of questions - often I think or hear of a new question that I must add to some page and more often than not that quiz then has 13 questions. It just doesn't feel right ending a quiz on the 13th question so then I'm looking for another question to add. Although, the superstition surrounding that number can't bother me that much because I live in a number 13 house (by the way, the fear of the number 13 is called 'triskaidekaphobia').

Anyway, back to visitor numbers. Two quiz pages that don't do as well in page viewing numbers are the homes of two of my favourite categories, that is the flag quiz and logo quiz. I think they're two of our best pages yet get less visitors than most of our other topics. It's a shame, but fingers crossed that they'll get a bigger audience soon.

Even if these two quiz categories don't get seen by too many people in the future they've been fun to do, plus I've learnt new things. My favourite flag is that of the Seychelles. But I've also got a fondness for the Macedonia flag. Is it a bit sad to have a fondness for a flag? Probably!

I remember going on holiday to Cornwall and discovering that the Cornish flag was quite a prominent feature in the culture of that county. I've never noticed a county flag flown with such enthusiasm, although I know other counties have them. It seemed to be important to many Cornish people as a symbol of identity. On compiling questions for our flag quiz I've discovered it is called Saint Piran's Flag (Saint Piran was a 6th-century Cornish abbot). Apparently, the earliest known description of the flag as the Standard of Cornwall was written in 1838. It's a flag that's easy to remember with a white cross on a black background. I can't think of any other flag with a black background unless we are talking pirates.

cornwall flag

Another question added to the flag page that I found interesting was: 'during the Second World War how did the American flag differ to today's version?' The answer is that it had two less stars. Both Hawaii and Alaska officially joined the United States in 1959, hence before that date the flag had only 48 stars. Before statehood, Alaska and Hawaii were territories. I keep on wanting to freeze frame Second World War movies which show the American flag to count those stars; and to be honest I never thought about the US flag changing in the 1950's because of the additional two states.

On our flag quiz page we show a dozen or so flags and ask you to identify them. We've purposely chosen the more obscure ones and I struggled to get more than three out of the twelve so don't feel like a flag dummy if you can't get many!

It's not all flag identification though. We also ask questions such as 'which country's national flag is inscribed with the motto Ordem e Progresso?' and 'can you name both the opening and closing Team GB flag bearers at the London 2012 Summer Olympics?' So there are questions on that page you can use for a flag round in your own quizzes even if you can't add a picture element to your quiz.  By the way, did you know that the study of flags is called vexillology? Or that the Esperanto language movement has its own flag? It seems that flags were designed for everything from organisations like the Boys Scouts and  OPEC, to the English cities of London and Birmingham.

city of birmingham flag

Before I become too much of a 'flag bore' I would like to mention the flag of Birmingham. A competition to design a new 'City of Birmingham' flag for public use was held in 2015 with 470 entries. The winning design was by 11 year old Thomas Keogh and David Smith. However, Birmingham has a pre-existing heraldic flag which is flown exclusively by Birmingham City Council and this new flag is for use by the public.

Yep, I think our flag quiz is definitely one of my favourite pages. I even like it more than our Wild West page which for some reason I also loved doing (smile). Being a child of the seventies I had a pack of well used Wild West Top Trumps, so I always have high expectations of my 'cowboy' knowledge when a Billy the Kid or Jesse James question comes up at our local quiz, although unfortunately that doesn't happen very often.

Trains, Poland and logos

We've also worked hard to try and put some good questions on our logo quiz page. Some sample questions are 'which sea creature is used as the logo for Waterford Crystal?', and, 'launched in Munich on 2 September 2003, what is the English translation of Ich liebe es?' If you want to see the other 20 plus questions pop over to our logo quiz questions page! By the way, the answers to these two questions are 'the seahorse' and 'I'm lovin' it', the slogan of McDonalds!

Our two latest quiz categories are the transport and train pages. We've also added a Poland Facts page and will be adding some more facts pages in the next few days, before thinking about doing some more quizzes again.

Hope you've been enjoying the quizzes we've done so far!

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