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Welcome to our Cemetery Quiz Page - famous resting places

Quiz Questions

  1. In which North London cemetery would you find the tomb of Karl Marx?
  2. Name America's best known national cemetery where you can also pay your respects at John F. Kennedy's Eternal flame?

  3. Which tree, a symbol of sadness, is most associated with church graveyards?
  4. In English literature what name is given to a poem of serious reflection that's usually a lament for the dead?
  5. Can you name the Skye Terrier who became known in Victorian Edinburgh for spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner?
  6. What name meaning "flesh-eating" in Greek, is given to a box-like funeral receptacle most commonly carved in stone?
  7. Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Moliere and Edith Piaf are all buried in which Paris cemetery?
  8. In which religion do visitors often leave small pebbles on a loved one's headstone?
  9. Whose headstone reads 'I told you I was ill' in Gaelic?
  10. One of Britain’s most famous poets, John Keate's final resting place is in which European city?
  11. William Burke and William Hare sold corpses to Robert Knox in which city?
  12. Pip is accosted by the escaped convict, Abel Magwitch, in a graveyard in the opening of which book?
  13. Which one of the following is not buried in Westminster Abbey: (a)Charles Dickens, (b)Stephen Hawking, (c)Isaac Newton, or (d)William Shakespeare?
  14. The village of Bladon is most famous for whose resting place?
  15. Which famous explorer's grave stands in a small whalers’ cemetery in Grytvikin, South Georgia?
  16. Which actress's choice of epitaph read: "She did it the hard way"?
  17. The Day of the Dead, which involves family and friends gathering to remember friends and family members who have died, is a holiday celebrated in which country?
  18. Which famous Englishman's body lies in a lead coffin off the coast of Portobelo, Panama?
  19. Whose grave, next to his son Brandon's who was killed when a stunt went wrong, can be visited at Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle?
  20. In 1817, whose funeral was held in Winchester cathedral and her body buried in the north aisle of the nave?
  21. Whose buried in the graveyard at St Margaret's Church in East Wellow, Hampshire, after the offer of burial in Westminster Abbey was declined by her relatives?
  22. The tomb of Lord Nelson is located in the crypt, next to that of the Duke of Wellington, in which famous building?
  23. Who was refused a burial in Westminster Abbey because of his "questionable morality" and so was buried in Nottinghamshire, however, some claim that his heart is buried in Missolonghi, Greece?
  24. Who was buried by the River Dwyvor in North Wales with his grave marked only by a large boulder?
  25. Poet Robbert Burns was at first buried in the far corner of St. Michael's Churchyard but the Burns Mausoleum was built in 1817 in the same graveyard, in which market town?


  1. Highgate Cemetery
  2. Arlington (Arlington National Cemetery)
  3. Yew
  4. Elegy
  5. Greyfriars Bobby
  6. A sarcophagus
  7. The Pere Lachaise Cemetery of Paris
  8. Jewish religion
  9. Spike Milligan
  10. Rome
  11. Edinburgh
  12. Great Expectations
  13. William Shakespeare
  14. Sir Winston Churchill
  15. Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

  16. Bette Davis
  17. Mexico
  18. Sir Francis Drake
  19. Bruce Lee
  20. Jane Austen's
  21. Florence Nightingale
  22. St Paul's Cathedral
  23. Lord Byron
  24. David Lloyd George
  25. Dumfries