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City Quizzes and Answers

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Quiz I

  1. Which American City is named after a British Prime Minister?
  2. Which city is the only city in two continents?
  3. The Oresund Bridge connects Copenhagen with which Scandinavian city?
  4. Mount Vesuvius is located about 6 miles east of which city?

  5. Which city was the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia during the 19th century and today is sometimes called the 'pearl of the Black Sea'?
  6. Which city is the capital of Majorca?
  7. Which French city is one of the de facto capitals of the European Union since it is the seat of several European institutions?
  8. The most southernmost city in the world is in which country?
  9. In which country is Quezon City?
  10. Which city was founded by Captain James Stirling, in 1829, as the administrative centre of the Swan River Colony?
  11. Which city is the most populated in the southern hemisphere?
  12. Which U.S. city has the nickname 'City of Brotherly Love'?
  13. Which European city has the nickname 'Little Paris' because of the city's elegant architecture, although most of its population live in high-density communist era apartment blocks?
  14. Which city, in 1881, was founded as a trading post by Henry Morton Stanley and originally named Leopoldville?
  15. Can you name the capital and largest city of Senegal? (Hint: it's also the traditional finishing point of a famous cross-country road race)
  16. Which city is located 42 miles southeast of Lake Titicaca?
  17. Which Asian capital city was largely designed by Edwin Lutyens between 1912 and 1930?
  18. Known as the 'Gateway to the West', which city is the largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada?
  19. Which city, the fourth-largest in Spain, contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Alcazar palace complex?
  20. Which city was named by founder John Robert Godley, in 1848, after a University college he attended as an undergraduate?


  1. Pittsburgh (named in 1758, after British politician William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham)
  2. Istanbul (it's in Asia and Europe)
  3. Malmo
  4. Odessa
  5. Naples
  6. Madrid
  7. Strasbourg
  8. Chile (it's regareded to be Ushuaia in Chile; Wellington in New Zealand is the southern most capital)
  9. Philippines (its the most populous city in the Philippines)
  10. Perth (Western Australia)
  11. Sao Paulo
  12. Philadelphia (its derived from the Greek for brotherly love - philos means 'love' or 'friendship', and adelphos means 'brother')
  13. Bucharest
  14. Kinshasa
  15. Dakar
  16. La Paz
  17. New Delhi
  18. Winnipeg
  19. Seville
  20. Christchurch (he had studied classics at Christ Church, Oxford)

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