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Geography Quiz Questions

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  1. Mount Elbert is the highest summit in which mountain range?
  2. The Strait of Gibraltar separates the Iberian Peninsular from which African country?
  3. Can you name the eighth largest island in the world, which is also Canada's second largest island?
  4. Which geological period gets its name from a mountain range located north of the Western Alps that follows the Switzerland-France border?
  5. Papeete, the capital city of French Polynesia, is on which island?
  6. Name the channel of water which seperates the African countries of Madagascar and Mozambique?

  7. The population of Greenland is: (a)57,0000, (b)570,000, or (c)5.7 million?
  8. Name the Anglo-Saxon earthwork that follows the England and Wales border?
  9. Which English seaside resort has the nickname 'London-on-Sea'?
  10. Which island is the largest in Scotland and the third largest in the British Isles?
  11. Almaty is the largest city in which country?
  12. The Po, Italy's longest river, empties into which sea?
  13. On a visit to Alaska in 2015, President Obama announced the renaming of Mount McKinley (the highest mountain in North America) to which Alaskan native name?
  14. Brisbane is the capital of which Australian state?
  15. What name, used to describe the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, was originally the name of an annual weak warm ocean current running along the coast of Peru and Ecuador?
  16. Sioux Falls is the most populated city in which U.S. state?
  17. Which country is geographically the second-smallest nation in South America? (Hint: Suriname is the smallest)
  18. By what name is the Sea of Cortez better known?
  19. Brimham Rocks is an amazing collection of natural rock formations in which English county?
  20. At nearly 5,000 metres, Vinson Massif is the highest peak where?
  21. St Mary's is the largest island of which archipelago off the southwest coast of Cornwall?
  22. In 2010 there were 40 national scenic areas (NSA). National scenic areas are conservation designations used in which country?
  23. What name is given to the well-known row of three distinctive chalk stacks that rise 30 metres out of the sea off the Isle of Wight's western coast?
  24. Christopher Columbus named which country from the Spanish word for "depths", referring to the deep waters off its northern coast?
  25. Four African countries have a population greater than the United Kingdom, can you name them?


  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Morocco
  3. Victoria Island
  4. Jurassic period (from the Jura mountains)
  5. Tahiti
  6. The Mozambique Channel
  7. (a)57,000
  8. Offa's Dyke
  9. Brighton
  10. Lewis and Harris
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. The Adriatic Ses
  13. Denali
  14. Queensland
  15. El Nino
  16. South Dakota
  17. Uruguay
  18. The Gulf of California
  19. North Yorkshire
  20. Antarctica
  21. Isles of Scilly
  22. Scotland
  23. The Needles
  24. Honduras (the Spanish word for deep is hondo)
  25. Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Democratic Republic of the Congo