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Cornwall Quiz Questions I

  1. Which river forms most of the border between Devon and Cornwall?
  2. In Cornish it's called Goon Brenn, but can you name the granite moorland in northeastern Cornwall?
  3. Name the administrative centre of Cornwall, which is also its only city?
  4. In May 2012, why did Land's End received worldwide publicity?

  5. Can you name the peninsula in southern Cornwall, which also contains the most southerly point of the British mainland?
  6. The iconic Tate gallery is in which Cornish town?
  7. Scenes for which James Bond film were filmed in Cornwall, at the Eden Project?
  8. Saint Piran's Flag is the flag of Cornwall; can you give the colour of its cross, and also the colour of its background?
  9. The television drama Doc Martin is filmed on location in which village?
  10. What is Brown Willy?
  11. Mary Yellan, twenty-three years old, was brought up on a farm in Helford; who is he?
  12. Which resort is widely regarded as the surf capital of the UK?
  13. Which scientist and inventor was born in Penzance, Cornwall, on 17 December 1778?
  14. David John Moore Cornwell has lived in St Buryan for more than 40 years and owns a mile of cliff near Land's End; by what pen name is he better known?
  15. Which fast food chain sells pasties which are manufactured in Penryn, Cornwall?
  16. Which castle has a long association with legends related to King Arthur?
  17. In the Cornish language, by what name is Cornwall known?
  18. Name the famous small tidal island in Mount's Bay?
  19. What is a Cornish split?
  20. Which traditional fishing port is now famous for Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant?
  21. Can you name the largest and most populated island of the Isles of Scilly (a group of islands off the southwest coast of Cornwall)?
  22. Which oil tanker was shipwrecked off the west coast of Cornwall in 1967, causing an environmental disaster?
  23. What name has been given to the large phantom wild cat which has supposedly been often sighted in Cornwall?
  24. Name the popular amusement park on the southern outskirts of the town of Helston in Cornwall?
  25. What is Cornish Yarg?


  1. Tamar
  2. Bodmin Moor
  3. Truro
  4. It was the starting point of the 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay
  5. The Lizard
  6. St Ives
  7. Die Another Day
  8. White cross on black background
  9. Port Isaac
  10. (A hill and) the highest point in Cornwall
  11. The main character in the book Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier
  12. Newquay
  13. Sir Humphry Davy
  14. John le Carré
  15. The West Cornwall Pasty Company
  16. Tintagel Castle
  17. Kernow
  18. St Michael's Mount
  19. A bread roll (traditionally used in Cornish Cream Teas instead of scones)
  20. Padstow
  21. St Mary's
  22. Torrey Canyon
  23. The Beast of Bodmin
  24. Flambards
  25. A cheese (a nettle-wrapped semi-hard cheese)

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