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Devon Quiz Questions I

  1. How many National Parks are there in Devon?
  2. Which brand of food products was advertised with the strapline, "Devon knows how they make it so creamy"?
  3. Which village in Devon has an exclamation mark as part of its name?

  4. Which river forms part of the border between Devon and Cornwall?
  5. Torbay's sandy beaches and mild climate have given rise to which nickname?
  6. Which present-day place featured the most south-westerly Roman fortified settlement in Britain?
  7. Name the largest island in the Bristol Channel, that lies 12 miles off the coast of Devon?
  8. Which novel, also known as A Romance of Exmoor, was written by Richard Blackmore, in 1869?
  9. Lynton on the Exmoor coast, stands on top of the cliffs above which picturesque harbour village?
  10. Ottery St Mary was the birthplace of which Romantic poet in 1772?
  11. Who created the stainless steel and bronze statue 'Verity', which stands on the pier at the entrance to the harbour in Ilfracombe?
  12. Which town is home to the Royal Navy's officer training college?
  13. Which World Heritage Site on the English Channel coast stretches from Exmouth in East Devon, to Studland Bay in Dorset?
  14. The decisive battle of the south-western campaign of the First English Civil War took place in which Devon market town in 1646?


  1. Two (Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks)
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Westward Ho!
  4. The Tamar
  5. The English Riviera
  6. Exeter
  7. Lundy
  8. Lorna Doone
  9. Lynmouth
  10. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  11. Damien Hirst
  12. Dartmouth
  13. The Jurassic Coast
  14. Torrington

Quiz II

  1. Name the main town of North Devon?
  2. The moorland on Dartmoor is capped with many exposed granite hilltops known by what word?
  3. Babbacombe is a district of which Devon city or town?
  4. Which small village, in the Torridge district of Devon, is notable for its steep pedestrianised cobbled main street leading down to its harbour?
  5. Which famous British person was born on the 6 June 1868, in Plymouth, Devon?
  6. A tourist attraction replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind, has been permanently moored in harbour of which small fishing town?
  7. Which Devon town in March 2007, was the first in Britain to introduce its own local alternative currency?
  8. What name is given to the large south facing open public space in Plymouth which features Smeaton's Tower?
  9. Curworthy, Sharpham and Vulscombe are all made in Devon, what are they?
  10. Michael Morpurgo was inspired to write which book after meeting some veterans at his local pub, The Duke of York, in Iddesleigh, Dartmoor?
  11. Exeter Rugby Club have been known by which name since 1999? And where do they play their home matches?
  12. Born into a wealthy family in Torquay, by what name is Lady Mallowan better known?
  13. Who sat in parliament as member for Devonshire in 1585 and 1586?
  14. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring Sherlock Holmes, is set largely in which part of Devon?


  1. Barnstaple
  2. Tor
  3. Torquay
  4. Clovelly
  5. Robert Falcon Scott
  6. Brixham's
  7. Totnes
  8. Plymouth Hoe
  9. Cheeses
  10. War Horse
  11. Chiefs. Sandy Park.
  12. Agatha Christie
  13. Sir Walter Raleigh
  14. Dartmoor

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