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Quiz I

  1. Which film Festival, founded in 2002, is named after a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City?

  2. Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral is sometimes called 'The Pope's Launching Pad' and 'The Mersey Funnel', but what is it's best known nickname?
  3. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is a symphony orchestra based in which European city?
  4. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was an English architect known for Battersea Power Station and Waterloo Bridge, but which much smaller British cultural icon did he design?
  5. 'Memory' was a Top 10 hit for Elaine Paige; the song was sung by Grizabella in which musical?
  6. The Thinker, a famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin, is made in which material?
  7. In 1984 Prince Charles called a propsed extension to which building as 'a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend'?
  8. Authentic Aboriginal didgeridoos are usually made from which hardwood trees endemic to Australia?
  9. The Goose Fair is an annual event in which English city?
  10. Which term coined to describe a British 1950s cultural movement in televison and the arts is derived from a useful domestic fixture?
  11. In 2004, which Iraqi-British architect was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize?
  12. Name the slate and bronze coloured domed arts centre located in the Cardiff Bay area of Cardiff?
  13. Characters from Mozart's the Marriage of Figaro also feature in which Rossini opera?

  14. Greek author Homer wrote two epic poems, name both?


  1. The Tribeca Film Festival
  2. Paddy's Wigwam
  3. Amsterdam
  4. The red telephone box
  5. Cats
  6. Bronze
  7. (A propsed extension of) the National Gallery, London
  8. Eucalyptus
  9. Nottingham
  10. Kitchen sink drama (or kitchen sink realism)
  11. Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid
  12. Wales Millennium Centre (or simply the Millenium Centre)
  13. The Barber of Seville
  14. Indonesia (Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world!)
  15. The Iliad and the Odyssey

Quiz II

  1. Which English poet and cultural critic was the son of a famed headmaster of Rugby School and is often called the third great Victorian poet?
  2. Which 17th century English writer broke cultural barriers by becoming one of the first women to earn her living by writing, and is perhaps best known for her short novel Oroonoko?
  3. What was founded in 1904 by Herbert Beerbohm Tree?
  4. Boris Johnson and Nigel Lawson are among the past editors of which political periodical (founded in 1828)?
  5. The light orchestral serenade 'By the Sleepy Lagoon' introduces which radio show?
  6. Which French artist, born in 1834, especially identified with the subject of dance?
  7. Which female singing voice and has the highest vocal range of all voice types?
  8. Characters from Mozart's Marriage of Figaro also feature in which opera by Rossini?
  9. Which John Blow opera is often considered the first opera in English?
  10. Which 2004 British drama film was written and directed by Mike Leigh?
  11. Who has sported outfits made from Kermit the Frog dolls, plastic bubbles, and raw meat?
  12. The Thomas Hardy poem 'Drummer Hodge' was inspired by which war?
  13. Kissing which slab of limestone in Ireland is supposed to give you the 'gift of the gab'?
  14. The paining Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) was sold for 65.5 million pounds at auction in 2013, setting a new highest price record for which artist?
  15. In which city is the Belem Tower, which is culturaly important due to the significant role it played in the country's maritime discoveries?


  1. Matthew Arnold
  2. Aphra Behn
  3. RADA
  4. The Spectator
  5. Desert Island Discs
  6. Edgar Degas
  7. Soprano
  8. The Barber of Seville
  9. Venus and Adonis
  10. Vera Drake
  11. Lady Gaga
  12. Boer War
  13. Blarney Stone

  14. Andy Warhol
  15. Lisbon (Portugal)

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