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Dentist Quiz and Trivia


  1. What name is given to a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis?
  2. Which famous dentist died of tuberculosis, aged just 36, on November 8, 1887?
  3. Dentist was Byron McKeeby, who was 62 years old in 1930, was the model for the farmer in which classic painting?
  4. How many teeth does an adult human have?

  5. What was invented in 1881 by a Buffalo, New York, dentist named Alfred P. Southwick?
  6. The first TV ad broadcast in the UK went to air on ITV on September 22, 1955, advertising which brand of toothpaste?
  7. What is a diastema?
  8. Which American author and dentist is best known for his 1912 popular adventure novel Riders of the Purple Sage?
  9. What is the medical term for inflammation of the gums and is a mild form of gum disease?
  10. Who starred as 'Painless Potter' in the 1948 comedy Western The Paleface?
  11. How many molars do adult humans have?
  12. What word can be a form of hardened dental plaque or the mathematical study of continuous change?
  13. Which European country is the world's largest producer of false teeth?
  14. Which type of dental restoration is sometimes known as a dental cap?
  15. Who is the patron saint of dentists?
  16. In the 2008 American fantasy comedy film Ghost Town, who plays a dentist who can see and talk with ghosts?
  17. What is our equivalent of Spain's Ratoncito Perez and France's la petite souris?
  18. Which brand of antiseptic mouthwash product was named after the pioneer of antiseptic surgery?
  19. Which specialty field of dentistry deals primarily with malpositioned teeth and the jaws: their diagnosis, prevention and correction?
  20. What was used as medicine’s first anesthetic in 1844, by dentist Dr. Horace Wells?
  21. What name given to an alloy of mercury with another metal, is also the name given to a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture used in dentistry to fill cavities?


  1. An implant (a dental implant)
  2. Doc Holliday
  3. American Gothic (by Grant Wood - he was Wood's dentist)
  4. 32
  5. The electric chair
  6. Gibbs SR
  7. A gap between two teeth
  8. Zane Grey
  9. Gingivitis
  10. Bob Hope
  11. 12
  12. Calculus
  13. Liechtenstein
  14. A crown
  15. Saint Apollonia
  16. Ricky Gervais
  17. The Tooth Fairy
  18. Listerine
  19. Orthodontics
  20. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide
  21. An amalgam

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