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Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. What are coquille Saint-Jacques?

  2. Maratelli, from northern Italy, is a variety of which food product?
  3. What is allium sativum commonly known as?
  4. Yellow Tail wine is a product of which country?
  5. Name the Spanish soup, part of Andalusian cuisine, made of raw vegetables and served cold?
  6. Which cheese, developed by Allan and Jenny Gray, is matured by wrapping in nettle leaves?
  7. What sort of tarts are used in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the child catcher to tempt the children?
  8. Which meat substitute product derives its name from a village in Leicestershire?
  9. Raisens are a dried variety of which fruit?
  10. In French cuisine, what are often called the 'Diamonds of Perigord'?
  11. Name the type of melon found most commonly in shops other than cantaloupe and watermelon?

  12. Paprika is especially associated with the cuisine of which European country?


  1. Scallops
  2. Rice
  3. Garlic
  4. Australia
  5. Gazpacho
  6. Cornish Yarg (Yarg is Gray backwards)
  7. Treacle tarts
  8. Quorn
  9. Grapes
  10. Black truffles
  11. Honeydew
  12. Hungary

Food Trivia Questions II

  1. Which two word term, coined in 1988, uses many technical innovations from science?

  2. What name is given to a prosecco wine which is fully sparkling?
  3. With a dry nutty taste which drink is branded as 'The One and Only!'?
  4. Which traditional Welsh bread is sometimes known as 'speckled bread'?
  5. Which fish is normally used in a stargazy pie?
  6. 'Mrs. Balls' is brand name associated with which food product?
  7. Which instant mash potato was advertised by Martians laughing at humans who 'still prepared mash potato the traditional way'?
  8. What sort of dish in Chinese cuisine is fu yung?
  9. Meaning 'half moon' in Italian, what name is given to the curved blade with a handle on each end often used in cookery for chopping herbs?
  10. 'Hokey pokey' was a popular treat sold by street vendors in the 1800s, by what name is it known today?
  11. O'Henry, Elegant Lady, and Springcrest are varieties of which fruit?
  12. How is Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey better known?


  1. Molecular gastronomy

  2. Spumante
  3. Newcastle Brown Ale (Interesting fact: in 2000 'Ale' was removed from the front label, but re-instated in 2004)
  4. Bara brith
  5. Pilchards (also accept sardines)
  6. Chutney
  7. Smash
  8. An omelette dish
  9. Mezzaluna
  10. Ice cream
  11. Peaches
  12. Fanny Cradock

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