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Fun Trivia

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Quiz I

  1. In which Olympic sport are beards not allowed?
  2. Trivia is the plural of which noun?
  3. It's a common misconception that the word 'golf is an acronym for what?
  4. What do the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to?
  5. What do the following Internet acronyms mean: (a)JK, (b)BYOB, and (c)SMH?
  6. What small animal was porn actor Ron Jeremy nicknamed after?

  7. Which sports' 38 mm balls were officially replaced by 40 mm balls in 2000 to slow down the game?
  8. What does the 'S' in Harry S Truman stand for?
  9. Which star of television's Friends has the middle name Bass?
  10. Which is the only U.S. state that can be typed on just the middle row of a QWERTY keyboard?
  11. What do the films Three Amigos, Mars Attack, and Moulin Rouge all have in common?
  12. 1770 is a village in which country?
  13. Which of the world's capital cities comes last alphabetically?
  14. Whose law stated that: ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’?
  15. Name the first American film to show a toilet being flushed on screen?


  1. Boxing
  2. Trivium
  3. Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden (it's now accepted that 'golf' is derived from an old word meaning 'club')
  4. 666
  5. (a)Just kidding, (b)Bring your own beer, and (c)Shake my head
  6. The Hedgehog
  7. Table tennis
  8. Nothing (hence, there is no full-stop after his middle initial)
  9. Courteney Cox
  10. Alaska
  11. They are all followed by exclamation marks
  12. Australia (the name was given to a village in 1970 to commemorate the bicentennial of Cook's visit)
  13. Zagreb (capital of Croatia)
  14. Murphy's
  15. Psycho

Quiz II

  1. How many spots are there on a twister mat?
  2. A special episode of Mastermind was broadcast on 19 March 2005, in which all four contestants had the same specialist subject; what was it?
  3. Who is the only person in Britain that does not require a driving licence to legally drive?
  4. What was first proposed in 1927 by Belgian Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre?
  5. Under the England and Wales Public Order Act how many people must be present before a fracas can be called a riot?
  6. What did millionaire Sir Cecil Chubb give to the nation on 26 October 1918?
  7. What is pogonophobia the fear of?
  8. What did Vincenzo Peruggia steal on 21 August 1911?
  9. 'There were four of us' is the opening line of which book?
  10. What simple, well known waltz for the piano was written in 1877 by 16-year-old Euphemia Allen?
  11. What is the translation of the Turkish word 'doner' as in doner kebab?
  12. What's the exact date of the last day of the 20th century?
  13. Who wrote Green Eggs and Ham to win a bet with his publisher that he couldn’t write a book using just 50 different words.
  14. Louis Armstrong airport is an international airport serving which city?
  15. What does the disposable diaper, windshield wipers, dishwashers and Kevlar all have in common?


  1. 24
  2. Doctor Who
  3. The Queen
  4. Big Bang Theory

  5. 12
  6. Stonehenge (he was the last private owner)
  7. Beards
  8. The Mona Lisa painting
  9. Three Men in a Boat
  10. Chopsticks
  11. Rotating or rotary
  12. December 31, 2000
  13. Dr. Seuss
  14. New Orleans
  15. All invented by women

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