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Fun Quiz I

  1. 'Don't tell him Pike', is a classic line in British television history, but he didn't give Pike's first name; what is it?
  2. Jim proposed to Dot in one, in Eastenders; and Karl proposed to Susan in one in a 2007 episode of Neighbours - in what exactly?
  3. What is a sapiosexual person most attracted to?
  4. What is just east of the crater Sabine and near a depression unofficially called 'U.S. Highway Number 1'?
  5. Two days ago I was fifteen years old. Next year I will be eighteen. When is my birthday, and what is today's date?
  6. When read aloud, the three words meaning 'island whose capital is Douglas', 'units of digital information' and 'common name of Canis lupus familiaris' form what improbable three-word headline?
  7. American's call it a 'Bronx cheer', what do the British call it?
  8. How long did it take comedian David Walliams to swim the Channel in July 2006 for Sports Relief: (a)6 hours and 34 minutes, (b)10 hours and 34 minutes, (c)14 hours and 34 minutes, or (d)18 hours and 34 minutes?

  9. What was the first food item eaten on the moon?
  10. The radioactive isotope Americium-241 can be found in what item in many homes?
  11. What did Lorena Bobbitt cut off in 1993?
  12. In horse racing, the distance 'a horse length' equals roughly how many feet?
  13. In the 1980s TV game show Bullseye losing contestants were told they would get their BFH - what does BFH stand for?
  14. In which decade was the last person executed by guillotine in France?


  1. Frank
  2. A capsule of the London Eye
  3. Intelligence
  4. The Sea of Tranquility or Tranquility Base (site of first moon landing)
  5. Birthday 31 December, and today is 1 January
  6. Man eats dog
  7. Blowing a raspberry or a fart ( a raspberry actually comes from the cockney rhyming slang 'raspberry tart')
  8. (b)10 hours and 34 minutes
  9. Communion bread (by Buzz Aldrin)
  10. Smoke detectors
  11. Her husband's penis
  12. 8 feet
  13. Bus Fare Home
  14. 1970s (Hamida Djandoubi, on 10 September 1977)

Fun Quiz II

  1. What name links Barbie and Margaret Thatcher?

  2. In Canada whose post code is H0H 0H0?
  3. In 1980, who was the most famous international figure to be presented with the key to the city of Detroit, USA?
  4. Which name links the cliche for an average middle-class suburban street and the address of Bananaman?
  5. Which three locations can be seen on the side of Del Boy's van in Only Fools and Horses?
  6. Who once said to a huge 1977 TV audience: 'Ah, isn't that nice. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew'?
  7. Who created the television character Cupid Stunt, which was 'All in the best possible taste!'?
  8. What was created by Victor Lardent for The Times newspaper in 1931?
  9. How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?
  10. What's the least amount of countries that seperates the borders of Norway and North Korea?
  11. Americans call it 'saran wrap', what do we call it?
  12. What type of cheese is made backwards?


  1. Roberts - it's Barbie's last name and Margaret Thatcher's maiden name
  2. Father Christmas (H0H 0H0 = 'Ho ho ho', set up to deal with the million plus letters addressed to Father Christmas each year in Canada)
  3. Saddam Hussein
  4. Acacia (Acacia Avenue and Bananaman lived at 29 Acacia Road)
  5. New York, Paris, and Peckham
  6. Harry Carpenter
  7. Kenny Everett
  8. Times New Roman typeface or font
  9. Once (the next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90)
  10. One (Russia)
  11. Cling film
  12. Edam

Funny Quiz Questions III

  1. Is a 'jaffa cake' a cake or a biscuit?
  2. What is the most common two word derogatory term for gynecomastia?
  3. 'Tsantsas' is a process of doing what by the Jivaroan tribes of the Amazon rain forest?
  4. If someone from Glasgow says 'geez a winch', what does he want from you?
  5. On average, how many people can you fit into an empty phone box?
  6. In which well known toy or game would you find 'Cavity Sam'?
  7. Which Hollywood sex symbol has the middle name Tiffany?
  8. In a famous play, which fictional characters last words are 'Floreat Etona' (may Eton flourish)?
  9. What was first put onto paper in The Elephant House?
  10. What does a crudivor eat?
  11. What colour bow does Donald Duck wear?
  12. London's Jonas Hanway was ridiculed for carrying what item habitually in the eighteenth century?
  13. In 1894, The Times newspaper estimated that by 1950, London would be 9 feet deep in what?
  14. Where would you find the 25 kilometre high Olympus Mons?
  15. How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?
  16. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?
  17. What animal is the national symbol of Scotland?
  18. In 2004, who released her book Confessions of an Heiress?

  19. Who has children named Daisy Boo Pamela and Buddy Bear Maurice?
  20. How many top three finishes in 34 races did Dick Dastardly and Muttley achieve in Wacky Races?


  1. A cake (as established at a 1991 VAT tribunal)
  2. Man boobs
  3. Shrinking human heads
  4. A French kiss
  5. One. After that, it isn't empty!
  6. Operation (the patient is nicknamed 'Cavity Sam')
  7. Richard Gere
  8. Captain Hook (from the play Peter Pan)
  9. Harry Potter (The Elephant House is a cafe in Edinburgh)
  10. Raw food
  11. Red
  12. An umbrella
  13. Horse manure
  14. Mars
  15. One - to his brother
  16. Long words
  17. Unicorn
  18. Paris Hilton
  19. Jamie Oliver (and Jools Oliver)
  20. None

Amusing Quiz Questions IV

  1. What animal can run the fastest: an elephant, squirrel or a mouse?
  2. Which famous footballer once advertised Viagra on television?
  3. A Jack Russell Terrier called Max, played Milo, an intelligent dog in which 1994 Jim Carrey film?
  4. Troodon is considered the most intelligent what?
  5. Which newspaper's stories include 'a double-decker London bus being found frozen in the Antarctic' and a 'World War II bomber found on the moon'?
  6. In slang terms, how much money is a Monkey?

  7. Which English phrase is equivalent to Ich liebe dich in German and Eu te amo in Portugese?
  8. What is usually rolled down a hill at Cooper's Hil, Gloucestershire every year?
  9. In which English county would you find the villages of Shitterton, Scratchy Bottom and Happy Snoring?
  10. What nickname links David Beckham with a village in Oxfordshire?
  11. Kyte, a Belgian Tervuren, is famous for playing which television dog?
  12. What word was used an estimated 296 times in the film Goodfellas and 428 times in Casino?
  13. The 'shark-inflating pellet' was a James Bond gadget in which 1973 film?
  14. 'I told you I was ill' are the words carved into whose gravestone?
  15. Which British television channel owned by UKTV has the slogan 'the home of witty banter'?
  16. In which film did Sid Boggle go to Paradise?
  17. Who used the fictional weapon The Lasso of Truth?
  18. Who in 1987 contested the Windsor and Maidenhead seat - for the Blancmange Throwers Party?
  19. In which game would you find 'Jake the Jailbird'?
  20. What is a four letter word ending in "k", which means to have intercourse?


  1. Elephant
  2. Pele
  3. The Mask
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Sunday Sport
  6. £500
  7. I love you
  8. A cheese (a Double Gloucester)
  9. Dorset
  10. Golden Balls
  11. Wellard in Eastenders
  12. F**k
  13. Live and Let Die
  14. Spike Milligan
  15. Dave
  16. Carry on Camping
  17. Wonder Woman
  18. Pamela Stephenson
  19. Monopoly... the name of the man behind bars
  20. Talk

Humorous Quiz Questions V

  1. In which film did Captain Keen give the order to 'fire at will!' which got the response: 'Poor old Will, why do they always pick on him?'?
  2. The Canary Islands were named after which animal?
  3. Tom's father has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty. What would be the name of the fifth?
  4. What is a snickersnee?
  5. Who has nephews Peepeye, Pupeye, Pipeye and Poopeye?
  6. True or False. Every US president with a beard has been a Democrat?
  7. Which man-made landmark can be seen from space?
  8. True or False: Bulls dislike the colour red?
  9. What type of film are 90% of the movies released in the US?
  10. Who was once known in the tabloid press as Miss Whiplash?
  11. In which part of the UK is there a settlement called 'Twatt'?
  12. On a menu what is Bombay Duck?
  13. During US conscription for World War Two, there was nine documented cases of men with three what?
  14. What was Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name?
  15. What are the little circles of paper that are cut out after a paper has been punched by a paper punch?
  16. What is Scooby short for in the name 'Scooby Doo'?
  17. Who was the first Twitter user to reach 20 million followers?
  18. The sentence "May I have a large container of coffee?" is used as a memory aid for what?
  19. In wedding tradition what does the 'groom' do in a scramble?
  20. Who plays a single note on a synthesiser during the 'Chariots of Fire' performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony?


  1. Carry on up the Khyber
  2. Dogs
  3. Tom
  4. A long knife
  5. Popeye
  6. False ... they've all been Republicans
  7. None
  8. False
  9. Pornography
  10. Lindi St. Claire
  11. The Orkney Islands, Scotland
  12. Fish
  13. Testicles
  14. Moon
  15. Chads
  16. Scoobert
  17. Lady Gaga
  18. Pi (3.1415926)

  19. Throw small change from wedding car for local children
  20. Mr Bean (or Rowan Atkinson)

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