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General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

GK Questions I

  1. Traditionally, at universities what name is given to the annual flagship week for fundraising activities?

  2. In 1732, a Mr. Chicken moved out of which property?
  3. The Matterhorn mountain is the logo of which chocolate?
  4. The French School, the Vaganova Method, and the Cecchetti Method are all used to teach what?
  5. Which American technology company was founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989?
  6. Who is the famous grandfather of American actress and producer Riley Keough?
  7. What name is given to the type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the human body?
  8. Why was Chinese citizen 'He Pingping', who died in 2010, famous?
  9. Which part of a flower has two parts called anthers and filaments?
  10. What name is given to a type of prison visit where an inmate can spend several hours in private with their spouse?
  11. Which member of the cuckoo family, found in the southwestern USA and Mexico, is the state bird of New Mexico?
  12. Which UK city is home to the Obel Tower and also has a 5,000-year-old henge called The Giant's Ring located nearby?


  1. Rag Week
  2. 10 Downing Street (he was the last private resident)
  3. Toblerone
  4. Ballet
  5. Garmin
  6. Elvis Presley
  7. Liposuction
  8. He was the world's shortest man
  9. Stamen
  10. Conjugal visit
  11. The Roadrunner
  12. Belfast

GK Questions II

  1. Which play, written in 1924 and set in the 1920s, deals with members of the Bliss family and their eccentric behaviour when they each invite a guest for the weekend?
  2. The Vectis National Party was a minor political party operating in which part of the United Kingdom in the early 1970s?
  3. What word is used to describe electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft?
  4. Del Boy and Rodney try to sell whose personal line of underpants in a 2014 Sport Relief special?
  5. Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury throughout the 1980s?
  6. Which company merged with Ipsos UK in 2005 to make the second largest market research organisation in the UK?
  7. Which group of Caribbean Islands consists of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas?
  8. The immediate origins of which music genre were in ska and rock steady?
  9. After Carlisle, which town is the the second largest urban area in the county of Cumbria?
  10. In the field of international relations, what does the acronym SOI mean when applied to a specific region?
  11. Benazir Bhutto, Boris Johnson and Theresa May's husband Phillip have in the past all been elected to which office?
  12. Hispania was the Roman and Greek name for which peninsula?


  1. Hay Fever (by Noel Coward)
  2. Isle of Wight
  3. Avionics
  4. David Beckham's
  5. Robert Runcie
  6. MORI
  7. United States Virgin Islands
  8. Reggae
  9. Barrow or Barrow-in-Furness
  10. Sphere of influence
  11. Presidents of the Oxford Union
  12. Iberian Peninsula

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