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GK Questions

  1. What do the authors Aldous Huxley and CS Lewis have in common with President John F. Kennedy?
  2. Which Yorkshire market town has given its name to 57 places around the world?
  3. Which African country withdrew its membership from the Commonwealth in 2013, but was readmitted on 31 March 2018 and participated in the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
  4. In the well known mnemonic and memory aid "Did Mary ever visit Brighton Beach", what word does Mary represent and help you to remember?
  5. Which British bank deployed the world's first cash dispenser - it was put into use in its Enfield Town branch in London, in 1967, and opened by English comedy actor Reg Varney?
  6. Brass is an alloy made of copper and which other metallic element?
  7. Who was guest of honour and officially opened the first Butlins holiday camp, in Skegness, in 1936?
  8. Which long distance footpath stretches for 176 miles from the Severn estuary at Sedbury, near Chepstow, to Prestatyn on the north Wales coast?

  9. Which castle, used as the setting for Hogwarts School in two Harry Potter films, is also the second largest inhabited castle in the UK?
  10. Who fell off his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine in 1991, whilst cruising off the Canary Island?
  11. Which French military commander was known as "red faced" by his men and nicknamed "the bravest of the brave" by Napoleon?
  12. Who is the only doctor in the history of British medical profession found guilty of murdering his patients?
  13. Sid the Sexist is a character from which British satirical comic?
  14. What was the name of the fictional ship from the Jules Verne's novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?
  15. Name the only American president to remain a bachelor for his entire life?
  16. On which body of water did the Marchioness disaster occur on the 20 August 1989?
  17. In the popular lullaby, Hush, Little Baby, what is the next line after "Hush, little Baby, don't say a word"?
  18. At the time of the 1984-85 miners' strike who did Arthur Scargill brand "the American butcher of British industry"?
  19. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929 in which American city?
  20. Name the prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, which was built during the Neolithic period making it older than both Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids?
  21. Who said: "You have to give this much to the Luftwaffe: when it knocked down our buildings it did not replace them with anything more offensive than rubble. We did that."?


  1. They all died on the same day (that is, November 22, 1963)
  2. Richmond
  3. The Gambia
  4. Marquess (it's a method of remembering the male titles of nobility in the British peerage, in descending order: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet)
  5. Barclays
  6. Zinc
  7. Amy Johnson
  8. The Offa's Dyke Path
  9. Alnwick Castle
  10. Robert Maxwell
  11. Marshal Ney
  12. Harold Shipman
  13. Viz
  14. Nautilus
  15. James Buchanan
  16. The River Thames
  17. Mama's gonna buy you a Mockingbird
  18. Ian McGregor
  19. Atlanta, Georgia
  20. Newgrange
  21. Prince Charles

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