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Quiz I

  1. What colour are post boxes in Spain?
  2. Jeremiah Colman began making mustard in the early 1800s near which British city?

  3. Where would you find the 'Ocean of Storms'?
  4. Shirley Crabtree was better known as which seventies icon?
  5. What type of wood was Noah's ark made from?
  6. In which year was the pound coin introduced?
  7. Bernardo O'Higgins freed which country from Spanish rule?
  8. What is Barack Obama's middle name?
  9. Whose missing from : Julian, Dick, Georgina and Timmy the dog?
  10. In physics, what is the plural of quantum?
  11. In which American city would you find the headquarters of General Motors?
  12. The Maiwand Lion is a sculpture and war memorial in the Forbury Gardens, a public park in which English town?
  13. Who became the Labour MP for Hampstead and Highgate in 1992?
  14. Which newspaper, once the biggest selling English language newspaper in the world, ceased publication in 2011?


  1. Yellow
  2. Norwich
  3. On the Moon
  4. Wrestler Big Daddy
  5. Gopher wood
  6. 1983
  7. Chile
  8. Hussein
  9. Anne (members of Enid Blyton's Famous Five)
  10. Quanta
  11. Detroit
  12. Reading
  13. Glenda Jackson
  14. The News of the World

Quiz II

  1. In which war was the Gatling gun first used?
  2. Which country has a flag that is not rectangular?

  3. Which desert covers much of Botswana and parts of Namibia?
  4. Which rock band wrote and performed the theme for the long-running adult cartoon South Park?
  5. Which viaduct carrying the M6 motorway in Birmingham is a quarter mile longer than the Second Severn Crossing?
  6. Who was the 40th President of the United States?
  7. Where does an arboreal creature typically live?
  8. In heraldry, what colour is vert?
  9. Who asks the quiz questions in ITV's 'The Chase'?
  10. Considered one of the founders of analytic philosophy, who won the 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature?
  11. Who have their headquarters at One Brewer's Green, London?
  12. What is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada?
  13. Which unit of the Roman army consisted of 480 men?
  14. The mainland portion of which country is formed by Jutland?


  1. The American Civil (by the Union)
  2. Nepal
  3. The Kalahari
  4. Primus
  5. Bromford Viaduct
  6. Ronald Reagan
  7. In trees
  8. Green
  9. Bradley Walsh
  10. Bertrand Russell
  11. The Labour Party
  12. The Maple Leaf
  13. Cohort
  14. Denmark

Quiz III

  1. Name the oldest equestrian weekly magazine in the UK?
  2. In 1997, who announced he was leaving the BBC to stand as an independent candidate in the Tatton constituency in Cheshire?
  3. In which city did Roger Bannister run the first sub-four-minute mile in 1954?
  4. Which large animal kills more people than any other animal in Africa?
  5. Which country do swallows migrate to when they leave Britain for the winter?
  6. Which country has the second largest land mass in the world if water is excluded?
  7. In fashion, what do the initials DKNY stand for?
  8. Occurring twice yearly, what name is given to a day consisting of twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness?
  9. How many X chromosomes do women have?
  10. Which city is the largest port in Germany?


  1. Horse and Hound

  2. Martin Bell
  3. Oxford
  4. Hippopotamus
  5. South Africa
  6. China (Canada drops down to fourth if water is excluded)
  7. Donna Karan New York
  8. Equinox
  9. Two
  10. Hamburg

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