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Germany Quiz Questions I

  1. What is the literal translation of the word Volkswagen?
  2. On which river was the original centre of Berlin built?

  3. Which German novelist won the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature?
  4. Which city is connected to the German capital Berlin by the Glienicke Bridge which saw many Cold War exchanges of spies?
  5. 'The Monument to the Battle of the Nations' is a monument in which German city?
  6. Which major branch of Protestant Christianity identifies with the theology of a 16th-Century German friar?
  7. In 1949, which city became the seat of government of West Germany?
  8. Which political party is traditionally the major catch-all party of the centre-right in German politics?
  9. What is Bavaria's capital and largest city?
  10. How are the academics and authors Jacob and Wilhelm better known?
  11. In Germany, what is 'the Bundeswehr'?
  12. In which year was the German reunification of East and West Germany?
  13. As of 2016, not counting Angela Merkel, there are two living former German Chancellors, can you name both?
  14. Which German politician coined the term the 'Wall of Shame' with reference to the Berlin Wall?
  15. Which unofficial name was given to the German state between 1919 and 1933?


  1. People's car
  2. The Spree
  3. Thomas Mann
  4. Potsdam
  5. Leipzig (the 1813 Battle of Leipzig was also known as the Battle of the Nations)
  6. Lutheranism
  7. Bonn

  8. CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany)
  9. Munich
  10. The Brothers Grimm
  11. The German Military
  12. 1990
  13. Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroder
  14. Willy Brandt
  15. Weimar Republic

Germany Quiz II

  1. Which Latin word did Julius Caesar adopt for the peoples east of the Rhine, which the English word Germany derives from?
  2. Which German boxer and sporting icon was heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932?
  3. In the British comedy-drama TV programme Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, the men live and work on a building site in which German city?
  4. Which city is the the major financial centre of the European continent?
  5. Which modern German composer has composed music for The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, and Gladiator?
  6. Kirschwasser is a German fruit brandy traditionally made from which fruit?
  7. B&B is a fashion show for everyday clothing and streetwear held annually during Berlin Fashion Week, what does B&B stand for?
  8. Name the largest city on the river Rhine?
  9. Museum Island is in which German city?
  10. In 1439, which German was the first European to use the printing press and movable type in Europe?
  11. The 'top 10' tallest buildings in Germany are all in the same city; which city?
  12. Which German actress became the first person to win two consecutive acting Oscars with her 1937 'Academy Award for Best Actress' for The Good Earth?
  13. Which heavy, slightly sweet rye bread was first referred to in print in 1450 and has a long association with the Westphalia region of Germany?
  14. Name the highest mountain in Germany?
  15. Name the world's largest Volksfest held annually in Munich? And in which month of the year does this always start?


  1. Germania

  2. Max Schmeling
  3. Dusseldorf
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Hans Zimmer
  6. Cherries
  7. Bread and Butter
  8. Cologne
  9. Berlin
  10. Frankfurt
  11. Johannes Gutenberg
  12. Luise Rainer
  13. Pumpernickel
  14. Zugspitze
  15. Oktoberfest. Starts in Spetember. (Notes: Volksfest is beer festival)

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