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History of Darts


  1. Who in 1978 became the first BDO World Professional Darts Champion?
  2. Can you name the first player to hit a perfect nine-dart finish during the Embassy World Darts Championship?
  3. Who was the first non-British player to win the PDC World Championship?
  4. Which Welsh player won the 1975 British Open and holds the record for the highest score achieved in the charity round of the game show Bullseye?
  5. Eric Bristow was in a relationship with which former darts player, from 1978 to 1987?
  6. Who, after turning pro in 1979, won the World Professional Darts Championship in both 1982 and 1989?
  7. Which cabaret venue hosted the World Professional Darts Championship from 1979 to 1985?
  8. Which darts player was known as The Viking?
  9. Who was the first qualifier to win the World Darts Championship?
  10. Which player hit the first ever televised nine-dart finish in 1984?
  11. Who founded the British Darts Organisation in 1973?
  12. Which famous player was picked as a javelin thrower in the British Olympic team of 1968, but broke his arm before the team left for Mexico?
  13. Which championship became England's first national darts competition from 1947 and was deemed the hardest darts tournament to win until its demise in 1990?
  14. Bobby George often came onto the stage carrying what object?
  15. Who was the BDO's undeafeted Women's World Champion until her defeat to Anastasia Dobromyslova in 2008?
  16. Which former professional darts player was nicknamed "Big Cliff"?
  17. Whose first ever title came in 1988 at the Canadian Open?
  18. Who became the youngest World Darts Champion in 2006 when he defeated Raymond van Barneveld in the final of the BDO World Championship?
  19. Who made history in 2019 by becoming the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Championship?
  20. Who won back-to-back world titles at Alexandra Palace in 2011 and 2012?
  21. Who won two World Championships, the BDO in 1991 and the PDC in 1994?
  22. Best known for winning the 2001 BDO World Darts Championship, what is the nickname of John Walton?
  23. Who won the 1995 Embassy World Darts Championship and is known for his fiery personality, as well as his altercation with Adrian Lewis?
  24. In 2014, at the age of 24, who became the youngest winner of the PDC World Championship?
  25. What was the last name of Dave, who lost to Eric Bristow in the World Championship finals of 1984 and 1986?


  1. Leighton Rees
  2. Paul Lim (1990)
  3. John Part
  4. Alan Evans
  5. Maureen Flowers
  6. Jocky Wilson
  7. Jollees (in Stoke-on-Trent)
  8. Andy Fordham
  9. Keith Deller
  10. John Lowe
  11. Olly Croft
  12. Bob Anderson
  13. The News of the World Championship
  14. A candelabra
  15. Trina Gulliver
  16. Cliff Lazarenko
  17. Phil Taylor
  18. Jelle Klaasen
  19. Fallon Sherrock
  20. Adrian Lewis
  21. Dennis Priestly
  22. John Boy
  23. Richie Burnett
  24. Michael van Gerwen
  25. Dave Whitcombe

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