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  1. The noun 'toxophilite', means a lover or devotee of which pastime?

  2. What is the hobby of former shot putter and strongman Geof Capes?
  3. If you wanted to visit 'the Three Counties System', what is your hobby likely to be?
  4. In the UK the requirement to have a licence for which hobby was abolished in 1984 after successful lobbying by C.Scope International?
  5. What hobby practises the art of writing and lettering artistically?
  6. A blunger is a machine commonly used in which pastime?
  7. Thomas Joel Bopp and David H. Levy shared a love of which hobby?
  8. What does the acronym NCN stand for - it was created by the charity Sustrans, who were aided with a £42.5 million National Lottery grant?
  9. If you were a tegestologist, what would you collect?
  10. Which outdoor activity is known as rappelling in the United States?
  11. What is the activity of an apiarist?
  12. Which sewing pastime uses X-shaped stitches to form a picture?
  13. If your hobby is deltiology, what do you collect?
  14. Which hobby is enjoyed by both Rod Stewart and Pete Waterman?
  15. What exactly would you be doing if you were using the Royal Coachman, the Alexandra or a Grizzly King?
  16. Ikebana is a Japanese or eastern style of which artistic creativity?


  1. Archery
  2. Bird breeding
  3. Potholing or caving (The Three Counties System is the longest cave system in the UK)
  4. Metal detecting
  5. Calligraphy
  6. Pottery
  7. Astronomy (both had well known comets named after them)
  8. National Cycle Network
  9. Beer mats
  10. Abseilling
  11. Beekeeping
  12. Cross-stitch
  13. Postcards
  14. Model trains
  15. Fly fishing (they are types of fly)
  16. Flower arranging

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