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Horror Trivia and Quizzes

Trivia I

  1. What name is given to the 'woman of the fairy mound', a spirit in Irish mythology which heralds the death of a family member?
  2. Which book features the fictional Overlook Hotel located in the Colorado Rockies?
  3. The 1971 horror film Countess Dracula is based on the legends of which historical character?
  4. Which book features the house at 112 Ocean Avenue?
  5. In the world of horror, what is a lycanthrope?
  6. Give the surnames of the following fictional film characters: (a)Carrie (Carrie), (b)Damien (The Omen), and (c)The Invicible Man (by H.G. Wells)?
  7. Name the artist of The Triumph of Death which features an army of skeletons attacking both royalty and peasants?
  8. Leatherface is a character in which horror-film series?
  9. In which street did the Addams family live? And which actor played Uncle Fester in the 1960s TV series?
  10. Give the first name of the title character in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein?
  11. In 1994, which legend do three students try to film in the Black Hills of Maryland?
  12. Which seaside town is associated with the horror novel Dracula? And name the fictional Russian ship carrying Dracula that washes ashore there?
  13. What is kinemortophobia the fear of?
  14. Which 2005 British made horror film follows six women potholers that are hunted by flesh-eating subterranean humanoids in a cave system they explore?
  15. What is nyctophobia the fear of?


  1. Banshee
  2. The Shining (by Stephen King)
  3. Elizabeth Bathory
  4. The Amityville Horror
  5. Werewolf
  6. (a)Carrie White, (b)Damien Thorn, and (c)Dr. Griffin
  7. Pieter Bruegel the Elder
  8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  9. (0001) Cemetery Lane. Jackie Coogan.
  10. Victor
  11. The Blair Witch
  12. Whitby. Demeter.
  13. Zombies
  14. The Descent
  15. The dark or night

Trivia II

  1. Which film sees Carol Anne fixating on a television screen that's transmitting a static signal?
  2. What four actions or events do The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse symbolize?
  3. What is the Scottish name for the shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs of Scotland?
  4. Which fictional character, also the subject of an award–winning Broadway musical, first appeared as the main villain of the Victorian penny dreadful The String of Pearls?
  5. Chucky is the title character of the which horror film series
  6. What is the very ordinary sounding name of The Phantom of the Opera?
  7. In legend, name the most famous ghost ship condemned forever to sail the high seas?
  8. Clarice Starling is a fictional character created by which author?
  9. Which American wrote the poem 'The Haunted Palace'?
  10. How is John Kramer better known?
  11. What is Norman Bates' hobby in the 1960 film Psycho?
  12. Michael Myers is a fictional character in which series of films?
  13. Who wrote the play on which the 1941 English mystery thriller Ghost Train is based on?
  14. Which American science-fiction, fantasy and horror television series was created by Rod Serling in 1959?
  15. Who wrote the following horror novels: (a)Rosemary's Baby, (b)The Exorcist, (c)Psycho, and (d)House of Leaves?


  1. Poltergeist (1982)
  2. Conquest or Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death
  3. Kelpie
  4. Sweeney Todd
  5. Child's Play
  6. Erik
  7. The Flying Dutchman
  8. Thomas Harris (in the novels The Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal)
  9. Edgar Allan Poe (more famous for his poem, The Raven)
  10. The Jigsaw Killer (or simply Jigsaw)
  11. Taxidermy
  12. Halloween
  13. Arnold Ridley
  14. The Twilight Zone
  15. (a)Ira Levin, (b)William Peter Blatty, (c)Robert Bloch, and (d)Mark Z. Danielewski

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