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Horse Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. What is the common English term for a body colour of white with black patches?
  2. Who was British Champion Jockey of flat racing five times, his first being in 1972 and his last in 1983?

  3. Who had a favourite horse called Bucephalus?
  4. Who rode a horse called The Piebald in the Grand National?
  5. The fences at the Grand National are made up of which tree?
  6. What name is given to the area on the hind leg between a horse's stifle and hock?
  7. A typical adult male horse has how many permanent teeth: (a)30, (b)40, or (c)50?

  8. horse quiz question
    Question 7 - horse quiz questions - how many teeth?

  9. Which English author is best known for his 1982 children's novel War Horse?
  10. What was the name of the Duke of Wellington's favourite horse during Napoleonic wars?
  11. What name is given to a male horse that has not been gelded?
  12. Which equestrian magazine is the oldest in the UK, being first published in 1884?
  13. Out of hunger or boredom a horse can sometimes develop lignophagia; what is this?
  14. Which show jumper became Britain's second-oldest Olympic gold medallist by winning a gold medal in Rio 2016?
  15. 'Hands high' is the term used for the height measurement of a horse - how many inches is one hand?
  16. What is a numnah?


  1. Piebald
  2. Willie Carson
  3. Alexander the Great
  4. Velvet Brown (in National Velvet a novel by Enid Bagnold and a well known film starring Elizabeth Taylor)
  5. Spruce
  6. Gaskin
  7. 40
  8. Michael Morpurgo
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Stallion
  11. Horse and Hound
  12. Chewing of wood
  13. Nick Skelton
  14. 4 inches
  15. It's a saddle blanket or saddle pad

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Horse Quiz Questions II

  1. As of 2016, which horse is still the only winner of the English Triple Crown since World War II?
  2. Robert Redford bought the film rights to which book in 1995 for £3 million?
  3. What name is given to the highest part of the back of a horse, behind the neck and between the shoulders?

  4. Established in 1776, which race is the oldest of Britain's five Classics?
  5. Which horse was kidnapped in 1983, in Ireland, and never found?
  6. What name is commonly given to a female horse under four years old?
  7. 'Aging' is the process of estimating the age of a horse by examining what?
  8. What name is given to the pace of a horse between a trot and a gallop, with not less than one foot on the ground at any time?
  9. The Appleby Horse Fair is held annually in which English county?
  10. The Scottish Grand National is run at which race course?
  11. What name is given to a colour in which the body can be varying shades of gold, with a white or silver tail?
  12. Named after a battle, what was the most famous horse of Napoleon?
  13. Which former Olymic winning track cyclist made her competitive debut as a jockey in August 2015?
  14. Incitatus was the favourite horse of which Roman?
  15. Name the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National in 1977?


  1. Nijinsky (1970)
  2. The Horse Whisperer
  3. Withers

  4. St Leger
  5. Shergar
  6. Filly
  7. Teeth
  8. Canter
  9. Cumbria
  10. Ayr
  11. Palomino
  12. Marengo
  13. Victoria Pendleton
  14. Caligula
  15. Charlotte Brew
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