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Japan Quiz Questions

  1. Name the largest and most populated Japanese island?
  2. What is the Japanese name for Japan?

  3. By what name was Emperor of Japan who reigned for over 62 years until his death in 1989 best known?
  4. Name the longest (and widest) river in Japan?
  5. Which city, host of the 1972 Winter Olympics, is also the largest on the island of Hokkaido?
  6. Which company's slogans have included 'be moved', 'make believe', and 'like no other'?
  7. In Japanese culture, what is a katana?
  8. What is the population of Japan: (a)87 million, (b)107 million, or (c)127 million?
  9. Which sixth-largest city in Japan shares its name with the first name of a retired American basketball player?
  10. What are the two main religions of Japan?
  11. Which Japanese mountaineer was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest?
  12. Popular in Japan, what are manga?
  13. What 'gentle way' was created by Jigoro Kanoin, in 1882?
  14. In which city is the 'Temple of the Golden Pavilion' (or Kinkaku-ji), one of Japan's biggest tourist attractions?
  15. Which flower is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family?


  1. Honshu (Honshu means 'main island')
  2. Nippon or Hihon
  3. Hirohito
  4. The Shinano River
  5. Sapporo
  6. Sony
  7. It's a traditional Japanes sword (others main types are the wakizashi and tachi)
  8. (c)127 million
  9. Kobe (and the basketball player is Kobe Bryant)
  10. Shinto and Buddhism (52% Shinto, 35% Buddhism, 4% Shinto sects, 2.5% Christianity)
  11. Junko Tabei
  12. Japanese comic books
  13. Judo (the translation of judo is 'gentle way')
  14. Kyoto
  15. Chrysanthemum

Japan Quiz Questions

  1. What name was given to the military dictators of Japan between 1185 to 1868?
  2. Name the sea straight between Honshu and Hokkaido?
  3. Can you name the world famous upscale shopping area in Tokyo?
  4. Tokyo International Airport is commonly known by what name?
  5. According to UNESCO, what has 'inspired artists and poets and been the object of pilgrimage for centuries'?
  6. What is the name of Japan's national parliament?
  7. Which sport in Japan is the most popular in terms of television ratings and spectators?
  8. What is commonly known as Hinomaru?
  9. What is chankonabe?
  10. Which former Imperial capital is an anagram of today's modern capital?
  11. Hanami is the centuries-old tradition of picnicking under a sakura tree; by what name would we know this tree?
  12. Which city gained publicity around the world and in the USA in 2008, since it had the same name as a certain politician?
  13. Which Japanese word literally means 'Northern Sea Circuit'?
  14. Which Japanese art form translates to 'tray planting'? Another popular (but very different) pastime is 'karaoke', what does it literally mean in English?
  15. The name of which Japanese multinational corporation is also the second most common last name in Japan?


  1. Shogans
  2. The Tsugaru Strait
  3. Ginza
  4. Haneda Airport
  5. Mount Fuji (Japan's highest mountain)
  6. Diet
  7. Baseball (although sumo wrestling is the national sport)
  8. The Japanese flag
  9. A traditional stew eaten by sumo wrestlers
  10. Kyoto
  11. Cherry blossom tree
  12. Obama
  13. Hokkaido (which is Japan's second largest island)

  14. Bonsai. And karaoke means 'empty orchestra'.
  15. Suzuki
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