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'Kings and Queens' History Quizzes


  1. Shortly after Queen Anne came to the throne England declared war on France, what was this war called?
  2. Which English king was on the throne at the time of the Battle of Waterloo?
  3. Which Scottish king signed a treaty with France beginning the 'Auld Alliance' in 1295?

  4. Which king came to the throne at the age of nine in 1547? And who was this king's mother?
  5. Which Welsh ruler, the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales, was to many the unofficial last Welsh king?
  6. Which king was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 16 July, 1377?
  7. Which king arrived from Hanover, unable to speak English, to succeed his distant cousin Anne?
  8. Who was the father of James I of England?
  9. What is Sir Norman Hartnell's biggest claim to fame?
  10. Which king was known as the Prince of Whales because of his size 54 inch waistline?


  1. War of the Spanish Succession
  2. George III
  3. John Balliol
  4. Edward VI. Jane Seymour was his mother.
  5. Owain Glyndwr
  6. Richard II
  7. George I
  8. Lord Darnley
  9. He designed the present Queen's wedding dress
  10. George IV

Kings and Queens Questions II

  1. Which king was known as Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots?
  2. What was the name of the Queen's yacht which was de-commissioned in 1997? And name the 90-foot-long royal barge that was the lead vessel in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant?
  3. Which British monarch was was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth?
  4. Which king met the leader of the Peasant's Revolt, Wat Tyler, at Smithfield in 1381?
  5. Which Australian city was named after the queen consort to King William IV?
  6. Where is Queen Elizabeth I buried?
  7. Name the most famous mistress of King Charles II?
  8. Who became king of Spain in 1975, two days after Franco's death?
  9. In which county is the Royal residence Sandringham House?
  10. Which king married the widow of his elder brother Arthur?
  11. The present Queen has four dorgis. A dorgi is a cross between a corgi and which other dog?
  12. Which King ruled England from 871 to 899?
  13. Who was the first monarch to use Buckingham Palace as the official residence?
  14. The last British King to die in battle was James IV of Scotland, in which battle?


  1. Edward I
  2. Britannia. Gloriana (was privately commissioned as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II for her Diamond Jubilee)
  3. George VI
  4. Richard II
  5. Adelaide
  6. Westminster Abbey
  7. Nell Gwynn
  8. Juan Carlos
  9. Norfolk
  10. Henry VIII
  11. A dachshund
  12. Alfred the Great
  13. Queen Victoria
  14. Battle of Flodden Field

Kings and Queens Quiz III

  1. Who was murdered in 1327 at Berkeley Castle on the orders of his wife, Isabella?
  2. Which British monarch was known as The Sailor King?
  3. What was 32 inches in 1512, 35 inches by the 1520s, and then 54 inches in 1545?
  4. Who was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England?
  5. Recent DNA tests have confirmed that human remains found beneath Grey Friars car park in Leicester belong to which king?
  6. During which monarch's reign was Calais lost to the French?
  7. Which future king was made the first Prince of Wales?
  8. Who was known as the 'Wisest Fool in Christendom'?
  9. Which palace near Perth was Robert the Bruce crowned in 1306?
  10. Who became the first Hanoverian king?
  11. Which monarch was on the throne when the Tolpuddle Matyrs were transported to Australia?
  12. How did Norman Hartnell become famous in 1947?
  13. King Bhumibol Adulyadej celebrated 60 years on the throne of which country in 2006?
  14. Who was the first Tudor monarch?


  1. Edward II
  2. William IV

  3. King Henry VIII's waist
  4. Harold Godwinson or Harold II
  5. Richard III
  6. Mary I
  7. Edward II
  8. James I
  9. Scone
  10. George I
  11. William IV
  12. He designed the Queen's wedding dress
  13. Thailand
  14. Henry VII
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