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Manchester Quiz I

  1. What nickname did Manchester have during the early 19th century owing to its many textile factories?
  2. Name the 47-storey mixed use skyscraper in Manchester also known as the Hilton Tower?
  3. Which national newspaper was founded in Manchester in 1821?
  4. Which philosopher, whose works include The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844, spent much of his life in and around Manchester?

  5. Which political activist was born in Moss Side on the 15th of July 1858?
  6. Manchester University's Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for work on which material?
  7. Which writer, born John Wilson in Manchester, began using a pen name upon the publication of his 1956 novel Time for a Tiger?
  8. Trafford Park, in Stretford, was the world's first what?
  9. What was a major historical event in British history on 16 August, 1819?
  10. HM Prison Manchester is better known by what name?


  1. Cottonopolis
  2. Beetham Tower
  3. The Guardian (known from 1821 to 1959 as the Manchester Guardian)
  4. Friedrich Engels
  5. Emmeline Pankhurst
  6. Graphene
  7. Anthony Burgess
  8. Industrial Estate
  9. The Peterloo Masacre
  10. Strangeways

Did you know that Chetham's Library in Manchester, located in Chetham's Hospital and founded in 1653, is the oldest free public reference library in the English speaking world?

Manchester Quiz II

  1. Which French born artist spent the latter years of his career painting the Manchester Murals for Manchester Town Hall?
  2. Which town in Greater Manchester, known for black pudding, was also the birthplace of Sir Robert Peel, Cherie Blair and footballer Gary Neville?
  3. Name the large shopping centre in the middle of the city?
  4. Which Greater Manchester formed rock band, winners of the 2009 Brit Award for Best British Group, get their name from a part of the body?
  5. Which two men had a famous 1904 meeting in The Midland hotel, Manchester, which led to a world famous partnership?
  6. Manchester United was formed in 1878, in a railway depot, in which area of Manchester?
  7. Which soft drink was created by Noel Nichols in 1908 at 19 Granby Row in the centre of Manchester?
  8. Name the principal railway station in Manchester?
  9. What name is given to the 36-mile-long inland waterway linking Manchester to the Irish Sea?
  10. Which rock band, formed in Manchester in 1983 with vocalist Ian Brown, were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement?


  1. Ford Madox Brown
  2. Bury
  3. The Arndale (or Manchester Arndale)
  4. Elbow
  5. Charles Rolls met Henry Royce
  6. Newton Heath
  7. Vimto
  8. Manchester Piccadilly

  9. Manchester Ship Canal
  10. The Stone Roses

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