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Our picture quizzes are a fun way to increase your knowledge of famous people! Just 'hover your mouse over the image' to put a name to the face. This quiz is quite hard so you'll be doing well to get over half correct. And don't forget to check out our flag, logos, and dingbat pages!!

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John Brown.
American abolitionist who believed armed force was the only way to overthrow slavery.
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Darcey Buccell.
Retired English ballerina and BBC Strictly Come Dancing judge.
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Charles Lindbergh.
Aviator who made the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight in The Spirit of St. Louis.
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Monica Lewinsky.
Intern who had a relationship with Predident Bill Clinton.
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Robert Wadlow.
Tallest man ever at 8 feet 11" (born 1918 in Illinois).
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James Dyson.
British inventor best known for the bagless vacuum cleaner.
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Barack Obama.
44th President of the United States.
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Daniel Day-Lewis.
Three-time winner of the Best Actor Oscar.
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Neil Alden Armstrong.
American astronaut
and the first person
to walk on the Moon.
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Andy Warhol.
American artist
and leading pop artist.
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A. A. Milne.
Alan Alexander Milne
author of
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Che Guevara.
(1928 – 1967)
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, guerrilla leader, physician, author...
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Rocky Marciano.
(1923 -1969)
Undefeated American heavyweight boxing champion.
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Walt Elias Disney.
(1901 - 1966)
American animator, entrepreneur, voice actor, and film producer.
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Christine Baranski.
American TV/film actress.
Stars in The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory and Mamma Mia!
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Howard Hughes.
(1905 – 1976)
Business tycoon, aviator, inventor, and much more.
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Martin Scorsese.
American film director.
With eight 'Oscar' Best Director nominations, he is the most nominated living director.
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Damien Hirst.
English artist, entrepreneur, and art collector.
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Mark Twain.
American author and humorist.
(1835 – 1910)
Real name - Samuel Langhorne Clemens.
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American singer-songwriter
Taylor Swift.
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Jim Morisson
- lead singer of
The Doors.
Died in Paris aged 27.
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A young Christopher Biggins.
Lukewarm in the situation comedy Porridge and winner of 2007's I'm a Celebrity...Me Out of Here!
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Peter Capaldi.
Best known for being the twelfth Doctor Who.
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Angela Merkel.
First woman Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and the Leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party.
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Fidel Castro.
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz - Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba from 1959 to 2008.
An awesome picture
Scottish poet
Robert Burns.
Burns Night is January 25th!
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Bob Dylan.
American singer-songwriter, artist and writer; born
Robert Zimmerman.
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Australian bushranger
Ned Kelly
(1855 - 1880).
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Charles Darwin without his beard. Buried in Westminster Abbey in 1882.
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Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.
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African explorer
David Livingstone.
(1813 – 1873).
"Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
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Welsh poet
Dylan Thomas.
Wrote the play Under Milk Wood. Born in Swansea and died in New York, aged 39 in 1953.
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Actor Timothy Spall. From Auf Wiedersehen, Pet to Best Actor award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for Mr. Turner.
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Amal Clooney.
London-based British-Lebanese lawyer and wife of George Clooney.
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Agatha Christie
(1890 - 1976).
She also wrote six romances under the name Mary Westmacott.
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Alan Turing.
Famous World War II code breaker at Blechley Park.
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Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
English scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.
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Stephen King.
American author of contemporary horror, including - Carrie, The Shining and Shawshank Redemption.
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Danny Boyle.
English film director - films include Trainspotting, The Beach, and Slumdog Millionaire
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Ellen DeGeneres.
American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer.
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English children's writer Enid Blyton. Works incude The Famous Five, Secret Seven, and Noddy.
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Natalie Portman.
Actress, film producer and film director with dual American and Israeli citizenship.
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Butch Cassidy
(1866 –1908).
His real name was Robert Leroy Parker.
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Mary, Queen of Scots.
Executed at Fotheringhay castle in 1587.

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