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Welcome to our Geography Places Quiz

Geography Places Questions and Answers

Places Quiz I

In which countries would you find the following places?

  1. Varna

  2. Angkor Wat
  3. Timbuktu
  4. Volubilis
  5. Fray Bentos
  6. Anzio
  7. Varanasi
  8. Rosario
  9. Edirne
  10. Mocha (famous for being an historical marketplace for coffee)
  11. Tobruk
  12. Spa


  1. Bulgaria

  2. Cambodia
  3. Mali
  4. Morocco
  5. Uruguay
  6. Italy
  7. India
  8. Argentina
  9. Turkey
  10. Yemen
  11. Libya
  12. Belgium

Places Quiz II

  1. Ashby-de-la-Zouch is in which English county?
  2. Which group of volcanic islands form the last British Overseas Territory in the Pacific?
  3. Spokane is a city in which American state?
  4. Which town is the main port of Guernsey?
  5. Which Scottish village in Perth and Kinross is also the last word in the play Macbeth?
  6. The Serengeti National Park is in which African country?
  7. Split is the second largest city in which country?
  8. Quezon City is the most populed city in which country?
  9. The Gondwana Rainforests, the most extensive area of subtropical rainforest in the world, are in which country?
  10. True or False. The village of Dull in Scotland is twinned with Boring, Oregon and Bland, New South Wales?
  11. Denpasar is the capital of which island and province of Indonesia?
  12. Name the following English cities from their Roman names: (a)Isca Dumnoniorum, (b)Eboracum, (c)Pons Aelius, and (d)Dubris


  1. Leicestershire

  2. Pitcairn Islands
  3. Washington
  4. Saint Peter Port
  5. Scone (last line of Macbeth reads: "So, thanks to all at once and to each one / Whom we invite to see us crown'd at Scone.")
  6. Tanzania
  7. Croatia
  8. Philippines
  9. Australia
  10. True
  11. Bali
  12. (a)Exeter, (b)York, (c)Newcastle, and (d)Dover

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